Favorite Fall Lip Products

Lip products are probably my favourite makeup product to play with. Because I have small eyes I usually keep my eye makeup really simple with lots of mascara and kick it up with my lips. For fall I enjoy a berry or purple undertone for my lip shades , that are more warm in tone. I pulled seven of my favorite from my makeup collection to share , hope you enjoy!

Kiehl`s Lip Balm #1 (7.50 $)


I know I am stating the obvious here, but for my first product I chose a lip balm. A must have for any season , when the cold weather comes I really need to kick it up a notch with my lip hydration. By far the best lip balm I have tried so far ( and I do consider myself a balm connoisseur) is the Khiel`s Lip Balm #1. Don`t get put off by the fact that it`s in a pot, they also have it in tube form. It has the texture of vaseline and as long as you don`t put too much on it`s really comfortable on the lips as well.

Rimmel Exaggerate Full Colour Lip Liner 030 NATURAL (4.79 $)

I must confess that I have recently become a huge fan of lip liners. If you want to make your lips last all day, than a lip liner is a must. I use them both under lipsticks or just on their own. Now for this particular shade, I describe it as the fall version of the Kylie Jenner lip, it has a rosier undertone rather than a full on brown, which I think will suit more skin tones.

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick 180 VINTAGE PINK (5.89 $)

This lipstick is a new discovery of mine that has quickly become my go to shade. It`s a dark rosy pink with a bit of a purple undertone. The formula is nice and hydrating although not the longest lasting.

Revlon Lip Butter 001 PINK TRUFFLE (5.99 $)


This next shade was über popular a few years ago and I wasn`t really a fan at first to be honest. It`s a dark brown nude with a kind of terracotta undertone (I know it looks orange in the picture trust me it`s brown and a lot darker). The formula is extremely hydrating and very glossy as well, feels really nice on the lips and will make for a great every day lip . I love pairing it with a terracotta or wine soft smokey eye or even a dark jewel tone green eye.

Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Liner 547 PLEASURE ME RED (4.87 $)


If I had to only pick one product out of all of these for you to buy , it would be this one. I use it to make the perfect mate wine lip shade, you will look straight out of Tumbler , trust me. Being a pencil you have a lot of precision to draw your perfect lip shape ( I usually draw mine out a bit , for a fuller look) and it`s so long-lasting. Personally I like the mate finish but if you don`t you can always add a balm over . The texture is extremely creamy as well, one of the drawbacks is that because it`s so creamy , it can bleed out, what I do is either with those invisible wax pencils draw a contour around my lips to stop them from bleeding or just with your concealer crisp up your lines after you draw your lips.

Rimmel KATE Matte Lipstick 107 (4.99 $)


This shade is such a well-known shade that I will keep it short and sweet. I love the formulation of the Rimmel Kate lipsticks , very creamy and comfortable on the lips but still lasts a respectable amount of time. The shade is a mate/ satin finish, dark berry that will suit all complexions and will give you the perfect bold fall lip.

MAC REBEL (17 $)


Another very popular shade and one of my holly grail lipsticks , I love a purple dark lip for the fall and honestly I have yet to find a dupe for it. The texture like all MAC lipstick is great, very long-lasting especially if you do two coats and blot your lips in between. It is a Satin finish so it does have a shine to it. Not sure it suits blonds but with dark hair and bold lashes it looks amazing.

What is your go to fall lip shade ? Let me know !

Love Laura

15 thoughts on “Favorite Fall Lip Products

  1. Loved your brand picks 🙂 I am looking for a long lasting moisturizing lip butter or lipstick that will withstand me drinking coffee all day haha …also can you message me on twitter dear thanks

  2. Laura, thank you so much for liking my post, “Why a Natural Beauty Routine is Better.” I am brand new to the blogging world, so this all very exciting for me. I love this post of yours… I am obsessed with fall lip looks! Thank you!

  3. I wear any colour I like throughout the year so I never save any colour for a season, I find it pointless when there are so many amazing colours out there. But I can;t believe you’ve chosen 2 of my holy grail lipsticks, pink truffle and 107! Of course I think those are some of the best 😛

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