Current Favorites

I haven`t done a favorites post in a while so suffice it to say I have quite a few things to talk about. I will get straight in to it  cuz I`m sure it will be a long one



I managed to narrow down my makeup favorites to only two ( I`m pretty proud of myself), both of whom are great products in their own right but together they have become my ticket to flawless natural looking skin. I should probably tell you what they are after all that raving , I’m talking about the Too Faced Born this way foundation and the original Beauty Blender. They are both cult products so I don`t plan on doing a full review on either of them but I will give a short impression here. The original Beauty Blender is something I put off buying for a while now because you couldn’t yet find it in Romania (I`m a in store shopper) , I have tried a fair few dupes but honestly none of them have even come close. If you are looking for a tool to give you a natural yet flawless look to your skin this little sponge is your guy. As for the Too Faced foundation there has been a loot of buzz surrounding it and I have to say it deserves it, great coverage while still looking natural. I won`t go as far as saying you won`t need a bit of concealer if you don`t have great skin but it does give really good coverage with a natural finish not quite matte but not dewy either.


I haven`t talked about the Rimmel Sixty seconds polishes in a while but they are honestly my favorite. The quality is amazing especially when you consider the price. The shade range is not at OPI or Essie level but they have a good selection with some really pretty colors. The shade I have been obsessed with recently is from the Rita Ora collection and its called Rain Rain Go Away (very appropriatefor this time of the year). The shade is a beautiful grey with lavender undertone I have been looking for this type of shade for a while and I can honestly say this is the perfect one.


I’m a big fan of the Chanel Chance perfume in the spring /summer but I didn`t really have a go to scent for the cold season. I have been getting more into deeper scents and I think the Alien By Thierry Mugler perfume is a good first step in that direction. If you too are want something a bit deeper for the colder months even if you are more of  a floral /sweet scent person I would recommend this one


One of my birthday presents to myself was this key pouch from Michal Kors that has proven to be extremely useful, I can throw anything I might need in there regardless of what size of bag I want to wear , or if I don`t want to wear a bag at all. It even fits in most of my jacket pockets.


I know fall hasn`t been here long but I am already missing summer and my little way of enjoying summer in fall is by using this gorgeous smelling body wash with my scorching hot showers. The scent is the only thing I am concerned with when choosing a shower gel, and this beauty is summer in a bottle, the scent is potent enough to give a nice shower experience but still not fake smelling. Plus huge bonus points for being one of the few shower gels that I can still smell after getting out of the shower.



As for YouTube this month I chose something different, rather than a channel I wanted to share an amazing series I discovered on the British Vogue channel. It is called The Future of Fashion and it`s hosted by one of my favorites , Alexa Chung. The series covers a couple different aspects of the fashion industry but what I have found interesting is how they present less known career paths in the industry. You don`t have to be a fashion connoisseur to enjoy this series , Alexa makes everything extremely fun to watch and easy to understand.



For my movie favorite it`s again fashion related , the Dior and I documentary follows the making of the first Couture collection designed by Raf Simons for Dior. I personally am a sucker for any fashion documentary but this one has to be one of my favorites. Extremely well done, it shows every aspect from the design process to the actual making of the garments in the tailoring rooms. If you are thinking of having a nice relaxing evening in I completely recommend watching this film. Honestly it`s worth watching for the setting of the final runway show all I`m going to say is FLOWER WALLS in a beautiful Parisian period house.



Having been so long since my last favorites post I have way to many music favorites to share them all but my favorite favorites have been two albums by The Weekend (Beauty Behind the Madness) and Twenty one pilots (Blurryface ) as well as the song Here by Alessia Cara .

Thanks again for taking the time to read one of my posts, I know I have been gone for a little while but my challenge to myself for this month is to keep on blogging at least two times a week ( I am aiming for Sunday and Thursday) so keep your fingers crossed for me! See you on Thursday!

Love Laura

14 thoughts on “Current Favorites

  1. TF born this way is a prefect high end foundation that is in the market right now and nothing could beat those results that you get it from the product and I love those neutrally shaded nail polish from rimmel as well.

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