November MoodBoard

To be honest I have considered skipping my monthly moodboard for November , just because November has to be one of my least favorite months of the year (up there with January and February) . I am so not excited for November and can`t wait for december to finally roll around. But thinking about it more I decided this is exactly why I needed to do this post , I need to find the little joys that will make this month enjoyable in its own right. So if you are in the same boat as me I hope you too find some inspiration as well to get you through this month and one step closer to the holiday season (cuz` lets be honest the best thing about November is that it`s followed by December).


1.  I don`t really let myself get in the Christmas mood until December 1`st , that`s when I get out my Christmas playlist and mulled wine. But stores are beginning to bring out their Christmas stock and how am I supposed to avoid it? So you might find me strolling through Zara Home and H&M Home this month making lists of what I need to add to my Holliday decor for this year.

2.  One other Christmasy activity I am allowing myself this month is gift planning. I hate leaving my Christmas shopping to the last-minute and having to go to all that stress and Holliday store traffic. So I am determined to be super prepared this year. I plan on writing down a list in my planner of all the people I need to get gifts for and then hit Pinterest and the online stores to find all the best , most appropriate and creative gifts ever. I just think this is such a great way of not burning yourself out ( you know how by Christmas instead of enjoying that time of the year you are stressing because you still haven`t found all your gifts and the Holliday parties are beginning to eat into your time as well).

3.  I am not the biggest fan of cold weather but what I do enjoy is cozy homewear (so much so that I am planning a whole post dedicated to it) and this month I plan on making a few more cozy homewear purchases , it really is the best time for getting some really cute and cozy pieces. My favorite places for getting homewear are H&M and Oysho

4.  The cozy weather also brings with it more chill nights in, either with a good movie or what I have been doing lately to get a bit of a technology detox is read. I have myself a Goodreads reading list at the ready with a few books I haven`t had time to read yet and I think this month is my time to put a dent in that. A few of the books on my list are The Notebook by Nicolas Sparks , Catch-22 by Joseph Heller and The Woman I Want to be by Diane Von Fustenberg.

5.  And what goes best with a cozy night in and a book you ask? Well a cup of tea of course. I honestly love tea but I can`t understand people who can drink it in the spring/summer (well I am not talking about iced tea of course), fall / winter is my tea season. I can get up to 4 cups a day this time of year and I really don`t feel bad about it. My favorites are English Breakfast Tea, Lady Grey tea and my favorite of the favorites is Linden Tea . Honestly it`s amazing if you haven`t tried it I completely recommend it especially if you get anxiety, this is great for calming down and relaxing.

Well I personally feel better after that , hopefully you too have a better outlook on November now and I would love to hear what you are looking forward to in November!

Love Laura

6 thoughts on “November MoodBoard

  1. I love November as it is my birth month! And once my birthday has passed its only 40 days till Christmas which is by far my absolute favorite time of the year 😊✨🎅🎄🎁

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