On the COAT Hunt

I love love love outerwear but the one problem I keep running into is finding the perfect winter coat. Still this year I am determined to finally find it , so I thought I would take you with me on this quest and show you some of the options out there and maybe give you some inspiration as well. Enjoy!

Robe Coats

I`m still not sold on this trend, but it is  a trend wether I like it or not and I know so many women who love these for their ease and comfort.


  1. This for me is the quintessential robe coat , this is exactly what I think of when I hear robe coat. The color makes it a bit more modern and young since I do think this style is more suited for someone in their thirties or forties. (Zara 149$ )
  2. What I like in a robe coat is as much of a waterfall effect as possible , and this ASOS one is a great example. ( Asos on sale for 136$)
  3. If you want a short option this one is great, again a very classic design , and a great color . (H&M 59.99$ )

Warmth is my first priority

I know that some of you live in such cold climates that when you read these kinds of posts you get extremely annoyed that none of the options would work for you. Well I get how feel , at least partially , since where I live we also get at least a few weeks of bitter bitter cold. I sill wouldn`t give up on finding something a bit more designed than a North Face long down parka. Bellow I gathered a couple I actually really love.


  1. I get that this first option might not be for everyone, but it`s such a cool piece I had to include it. I would totally see this on a cool ,young girl walking around the streets of New Your looking like a total badass. So if you are not afraid to stand out and this would fit into your style go for it, you will be the most fashion forward girl on the street even if you pair it with a super simple black outfit underneath ( will totally get you off the hook for wearing leggings). (H&M Studio Line 129$ )
  2. I have yet to physically touch this coat but that fur  lining (faux) looks like the softest thing in the world , plus extremely warm .The design is very simple and will work on anyone no matter your style. (Asos 259$)
  3. I adore a white coat in the winter and this is such a great one , simple modern shape and the faux fur collar is the cherry on top. (Zara 189$)

Cocoon Coats

This is probably my go to style for coats,  I feel like the oversize style makes for both a really comfortable coat as well as adding a bit of fashion. I also hate how constricted I feel in some coats when wearing a thick sweater as well, I actually get a bit claustrophobic and especially the arms get very tight , so an oversize cocoon shaped coat is my go to.


  1. I love a minimalist cut cocoon coat , and this first choice is exactly that. Very simple in it`s design it`s fuss free and will pretty much go with anything. (Asos  on sale for 121$)
  2. This next one is definitely something I would wear since it combines the cocoon style with my go to color right now , grey, and a soft material. I don`t know how much you can tell in this photo but the material is a little furry, supper soft as well as warm. ( Asos 170$)
  3. The grandfather style coat has been around for a while now, and this cocoon take on it, is very stylish. (Zara 149$)

Fur ( Faux of course )

Faux fur jackets are probably the most popular trend right now , you can find them everywhere in a thousand different styles and colors. This type of coat is definitely for someone who likes being noticed and has the confidence to carry it.


  1. The bomber cut of this fur jacket makes it modern, a fur jacket can easily go a bit matronly, like you borrowed your moms fur coat or  a gangsters coat (one of the two). So I love the shorter styles those give me more of an heiress vibe which I am totally for plus this one is also a bit rock`n`roll. (H&M 79$)
  2. Now speaking of a long style , I wanted to add one that I tought would work without making you look like a full on gangster (not that there is anything wrong with that, to each their own). I feel like this coat on the right girl can be amazingly cool and stylish. (Asos 338$)
  3. Now I spoke of my love of a white coat in the winter but this one takes it to the next level. White , short, faux fur jacket , sign me up, so cool and young, I can already picture myself getting of a private jet in some ski resort in the Alps (Anyone have a private plane I can borrow? I`ll bring my own fur coat!). (Mango 125$)

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you found some inspiration if you too are looking for a new winter coat. Now I have to go figure out how I can afford 5 different coats cuz that`s what writing this post did to me! See you on Sunday!

Love Laura

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