Gift Guide #1 Teen`s

It`s that time of the year when we start stressing about finding the perfect gifts for all our loved ones. Trust me I get the struggle especially if you are a busy person who doesn`t really have the time to scour the shops for the perfect gifts. I am not going to call myself an amazing gift giver but I do try and put the effort in brainstorming ideas. I hope this series helps and you get some ideas. I will do my best to give you a mix of both general gifts that most people will like as well as some more creative niche gift ideas. The plan right now is to do 5 posts in total ( Gift Guide for : Teen`s , The Beauty Lover, Her, Him, Moms and Grandmas ) if you have any ideas of how else you would prefer to structure my gift guides I would love any opinions , my aim is to give you the best , most usefully posts I possibly can so I would love any sort of feedback. Thanks in advance!

Todays gift guide is aimed at teens. I think this category is a difficult one because the differences from one year to another are huge in terms of what they enjoy also for the teen chapter of the market the trends move so fast there is always a new cool thing it`s hard to keep up. It wasn`t too long ago I was in this age group so I think (hope) I still have a good grasp on what a teenage girl would like. I also kept it most general in this gift guide because if you aren`t the parent of said teenager you might not really know their personality or hobby’s so I do think these gifts would be something almost all teens would enjoy.

 1. Phone cases 14.99$

This can be a bit risky since you do have to chose the style , so if you are going to go for a phone case as a stocking stuffer you need to at least have an idea of her style or what she might like. This gift is also a good one since the price range is so large you can get either a cheaper one as a stocking stuffer or if you want them to really love you, you can opt for a designer one (Marc Jacobs and Kate Spade have some great ones). The one I chose is a cheaper alternative but still really cute.

gold phone case

 2. Monogrammed Journal 20$

I think this is a present you can`t go wrong with. Even if they don`t journal ,they will still use it for school or planning. A good basic gift if you don`t really know what to get.

etsy monogrammed journal

3. Portable Speaker 23.49$

Every year there is that one super popular gift and this year it`s portable speakers. I mean if there is one hobby every teenager shares it`s music, this present will work for any age in the teen category as long as they have a mobile device they can Bluetooth to the speaker, you are golden, and let`s be honest these days 10 year old`s have an Iphone.

portable speaker gift christmas

4. Makeup Brush Set 39.99$

If you know you are shopping for an older girl who wears makeup or beginning to start wearing makeup ,I think the best gift would be a brush set. Especially at the begging stages of wearing makeup brushes don`t seam like such an important thing to have plus they can be expensive. So that`s why I think that a brush set will be a great gift , they will discover how much they need brushes for makeup and they will use this gift for years to come.


5. Polaroid Camera 69.99$

Again an it gift for the past couple of years have been this Fujifilm Instax cameras . If you get any teenage girl this gift you are sure to make them very happy!


6. Designer wallet 78$

If you have a little fashionista you need to buy for , I would`n go for any clothing  options , I think the safe option would be a designer wallet. I don`t mean Prada or LV at that age brands like Marc Jacobs and Kate Spade are your best options, they have really nice designs suitable for that age group.


6. Curling Iron 99.99$

Another great gift for an older teen who is starting to experiment more with makeup and hair would be a curling iron. I know the option I chose isn`t the classic curling iron but this type of hair curling device really does make things easier. Another advantage is that you don`t have to worry about her burning herself when learning (I mean I still do it and I`ve been curling my hair for years).



8. Ugg Boots 139.95$

Yes they are still in style especially for this age group , I would go for a classic simple design in the black or brown , if you know for sure they would like the button or bow designs then chose one of those if not go for simple.


9. Vanity Table 1095$

This is definitely a parent gift since they do get quite pricey, but if you are stuck on a present for your teen daughter who is beginning to start getting into makeup and hair I think a good vanity table is a really nice gift. It doesn`t have to be as expensive as this one (I couldn`t help myself when I saw it) , there are much cheaper versions out there ,just make sure they are still practical enough to be used as a desk as well .



Well I hope you have enjoyed this post I know everyone is doing them right now but still I wanted to do my own take on it . See you on Sunday !

Love Laura!

9 thoughts on “Gift Guide #1 Teen`s

  1. The perfect gift is always a challenge! Being a scarf and accessory designer I always recommend an one size fits most accessory if you cannot fulfill their biggest wish. Accessories even for teenagers are perfect additions to evolving wardrobes…

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