Review: The Body Shop Shade Adjusting Drops

Finding The perfect foundation shade can be a pain and personally even if I go for the lightest shade in the range quite often I find it still too dark for my  winter complexion. Plus I hate having to buy foundation for summer and winter it`s just such a hassle. Todays review is of a relatively new product; lightening drops or white foundations used to be something you could only get from high end brands or ones used by professionals, well not any more!


The Body Shop Shade Adjusting Drops (20$) are a new release in The Body Shop makeup range they offer both  lightening as well as a darkening drops so if you have the opposite problem with finding a shade dark enough for you this is your answer as well.


I know the price doesn`t quite fit into the drugstore foundation price bracket but keep in mind that you will only be using this a drop or less at a time. So as far as I`m concerned the price is really quite good.



I do enjoy the fact that they went with the pipette but to be honest , their particular pipette doesn`t work very well , it doesn`t gather that much product ( maybe the product is to thick for it ) and when you go to squeeze it  on your hand it comes out with air bubbles that can make everything very messy .


The scent was very faint maybe a bit lotiony, nothing that would bother me and I have pretty sensitive skin and I didn`t see any problems either .


My first concern was if the drops would actually manage to lighten my foundation, and the answer to that is yes , it does a good job of lightening any foundation ( I experimented with three different foundations ranging in coverage from light to almost full coverage). Another thing I wanted to try is to see how light I could get the higher coverage foundation I experimented with ( Too Faced Born This Way )and I was thoroughly impressed by the fact that it will work for VERY pale people. I usually use half a pea size amount and for getting it extremely pale I used a pea size, these quantities are also affected by how dark the shade you start with is as well as the level of coverage of the foundation.

Another concern of mine is that the drops have more of a pink undertone and my skin is definitely of an yellow undertone , if you notice that too don`t let it put you off it didn`t translate at all when mixed with my foundation.


Now the next question was how it would affect the level of coverage of my foundations and their qualities. Again I will use the Too Face foundation as an example since that was the highest coverage of the ones I`ve tried (I also experimented with the Clarins True Radiance and the Burjois Healthy Mix ).  Firstly I didn`t see that much change in the level of coverage maybe  just a hair less coverage than on it`s own. The finish didn`t change but I think it might affect more a fully mate finish foundation, and what I mean by that is that the finish of the drops them selfs are quite natural and they feel a bit silicony so I don`t know how that would affect the mate finish of a foundation. Personally I have really dry skin and I enjoy a more natural to dewy look to the skin and I don`t own any mat finish foundations so I can`t say that I have put it to that test.The Too Faced foundation is for sure my favorite right now and I can honestly say it stayed the same after adding the drops it`s blending was just as good, the finish remained very natural (it didn`t make it cakeyer ) and I still loved it just as much.


All in all the product is an amazing one, even thou that pipette does get on my nerves (it honestly sucks). This product is definitely a must have for anyone, it will make you not worry so much when trying to find that perfect foundation shade as well as get rid of the hassle of having multiple shades of foundation. Thank you everyone for taking the time to read my review I will see you again on Thursday!

Love Laura


15 thoughts on “Review: The Body Shop Shade Adjusting Drops

  1. This is such a great product for pale people like me, I have the same problem sometimes with some foundations! I’m going to have to go out and try this for myself!
    Great post, it’s always good to hear what others think before you buy xox haveyoumetmeg

  2. This is a great idea! I really want to try this, I don’t have too much trouble finding the right shade but I think this would be absolute magic for contouring.

  3. Very nice post! I’ve been wanting to experiment with some of the Body Shop’s makeup products and although I wouldn’t need this product in particular, it’s nice to see a good review of it. It makes me want to try their other products more.

  4. Thanks for writing this thorough review! I’m curious about this product but wish I could maybe get a sample of it before taking the plunge and buying it. Still, it seems like it worked great for you; maybe I should just bite the bullet! I, too, have really fair skin and sometimes struggle to find a foundation that’s light enough (especially in the winter).

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