Gift Guide #2 The Beauty Lover

Welcome back to the second installment of my Gift Guide series for 2015 it`s only 29 sleeps till Christmas (Yayyyyy!!!!!!!!!) and 28 till you have to have all your presents at the ready, now don`t stress I`m here to help (well me and every other blogger out there)! Today`s gift guide has to be my favorite to compile, I basically shopped for everything that I would love to find under the Christmas tree.

I`m going to start by telling you about one of my favorite thing to do when it comes to giving beauty gifts on Christmas and that is buying a couple of the different gift packs out there and splitting them up and making personalized gifts for each of my friends or sisters (and hey if there is one or two different things you fancy from those sets who will ever know if you keep them?). I like to get some pretty gift boxes stuff them with tissue paper maybe some dried flower petals and put in all the makeup goodies.

Another great gift idea for a beauty fiend is getting them a subscription to a beauty box. It`s the gift that keeps on giving that way Christmas will come every month.

Now lets get into the actual gifts that I chose , I decided to split them up into four categories according to price and I hope this helps anyone stuck for ideas. 

Under 15$


This first price bracket is great for adding to a stocking or if you are planning on gifting a gift card and want to add a little something extra as well without spending too much.

  1. Starting off with a great value set from Caudalie (12$) that comes with a hand cream as well as a full size lip balm (this lip balm is actually one of my favorites).
  2. Next I chose a little travel size set of the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer and Primer Water (10$), this would be great for both someone who already uses the products to have as a travel option as well as for someone who never tried them before to try them out.
  3. Urban Decay Lip gloss duo (14$) , again you can split these up, have it as a stocking stuffer or just a little extra if you are planning on gifting a Sephora Gift card.
  4. These Sephora Individual Masks (4$-6$) I think are great , they have a loot of variety to chose from the quality is really decent and the price is great as well.
  5. A brush set is always a good gift in my eyes , since brushes aren`t really something you enjoy buying for yourself and they can get quite expensive. This time I chose an Eco Tools set (14.99$) very good price especially for the quality.
  6. Debora Lipman Polishes (15$) have to be some of the most expensive out there and I think this set is a really good gift especially for a nail polish lover who will really appreciate the quality plus the shades included are really pretty as well.

Under 50$


  1. Glam Glow Lip Treatment (39$) is a lip exfoliant and balm set , great for someone who loves beauty but seams to have everything. 
  2. Ole Henriksen Vitamin C Set (46$)will be a great little set if you want to go for higher end skincare but not break the bank.
  3. Tart Tartlette Palete (45$) is probably number one on my palette wish list but at about the same price range you have all the classic palettes as well ( UD Naked`s , Lorac Pro) so it`s your choice.
  4. Formula X Nail Set (36.50$), again I know there are a loot of nail polish lovers out there and this time I chose a set by Formula X great quality as well a good range of shades and the packaging is also quite nice.
  5. L`Occitane Set (36$) , this is probably more suited for someone older or if you know they really like the brand. This set has a good selection of the brands best sellers plus it already comes in a nice little box so no wrapping needed.
  6. Tart Lip Surgent Set (34$) would be a nice gift for someone who is a bit more into natural makeup or has a love for lip products.

Under 100$


  1. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit (80$) if there was one “it ” gift for this season is this beauty of a palette, Hourglass is known for their glowy powders and this palette is an all stop shop.
  2. Sephora Favorites Perfume (65$) I don`t usually recommend giving a perfume unless you know exactly which they want, but if you were to give a perfume present this Christmas this is the way to do it. This set comes with 12 high end perfume samples and a card to pick up a full size of any of the perfumes included in the set, how awesome is that!!!!!!!
  3. Smashbox Pro Brush Set (89$) another brush set this time by Smashbox
  4. Buxom Lip Gloss Set (59$) I know so many women out there that have an addiction to lip gloss and if you are buying for one of them this gift set is amazing. Buxom lip glosses are some of the best on the market and this set comes with every color imaginable.
  5. Smashbox Masterclass Color and Contour Palete (65$) if you are buying for a makeup pro or someone who travels but still enjoys makeup I think this palette is perfect , it comes with every powder product they would need to do their whole face and all the shades are great staple shades.
  6. Sephora Favorites The Beauty Closet Set (99$) If you really don`t know anything about makeup or you are buying for a makeup beginner and want to give them a good selection of products, than go for this set of the Sephora Favorites , it includes best sellers of all different brands carried in Sephora.

Over 100$


  1. Sephora Rose Gold Brush Set (130$) Again if your budget allows and you want to treat someone not only to something they will use but something that will make them smile every time they use it, then this beauty of a makeup brush set will for sure do the trick. I mean look at them !!!!!!!
  2.  Dry Bar Set (199$) This is the only hair item I chose to include and it`s a great one in my opinion . This dry bar set might not be cheap but if you are buying for someone who blow dries their hair every day than this is the gift for them. Dry Bar is a chain of hair salons that specialize in blowouts and these are the products they use, so they are extremely high quality.
  3. Charlotte Tilbury Norman Parkinson Collection (250$) Charlotte Tilbury has quickly become one of the most popular high end brand, but as you would expect the price tag is up there as well. So if any boyfriends or husbands out there have the budget then this will make your girlfriend very very happy. Also this first set I chose from Charlotte Tilbury is the limited edition Norman Parkinson Collection which has the most stunning packaging I have ever seen so there`s your cherry on top.
  4. Kevin Aucoin Legacy Palette (165$) Another great palette that might not be cheap but will for sure become a staple in any womans routine.
  5. My Burberry Perfume Christmas Edition (125$) I know I said I don`t recommend giving perfume as a gift but I just couldn`t help myself with this stunning limited edition of the My Burberry perfume. My Burberry is a very universal fragrance and I do think most women would enjoy the scent but this gift has nothing to do with the scent , it`s all about the stunning packaging. Great gift for someone who has it all.
  6. Charlotte Tilbury Set (230$) Charlotte Tilbury is known for her “looks ” and she has a few sets that make up every one of those looks so just pick your favorite.

Which one of these drool worthy gifts would you like to find under the tree? Leave me a comment and let me know !

Love Laura!

9 thoughts on “Gift Guide #2 The Beauty Lover

  1. I love all of your picks!! I am definitely the most beauty obsessed out of my friends so I’ll probably be doing something similar like you do for your sisters and friends for their gifts this year. It’s so satisfying buying makeup even if its not for yourself 🙂

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