November Favorites

Yayyyy November is now over and the Holiday season is upon us, who`s excited? Well before we wrap up November I need to do my favorites for the month so here it goes ! Oh and I want to do a little announcement as well, and let you guys know that I am planning on doing my own little version of BLOGMAS this year. What I plan on doing is posting every other day until the 25`th (and maybe even after Christmas we shall see how it goes). I have to admit I am quite nervous about committing to posting every other day but I need to challenge myself and since I love the holiday season  so much and this year December is quite relaxed with my university schedule there is no better time to do it. I hope you are excited and will stop by as often as possible and keep your fingers crossed I don`t miss any days (if I do you are more than welcome to yell at me on Twitter, Instagram or in the comments). Now let`s get back to your regular scheduled program , here goes my November Favorites! Hope you enjoy!!!!!



The first favorite in the makeup category is this single eyeshadow from Sephora ( Sephora Collection Colorful Eyeshadow Matte N°229 Scented Candle 12$) . I am not much for single eyeshadow , I much sooner reach directly for a palette that has it all , but for some reason this color just captured mu attention. The picture doesn`t really do it justice it`s more of a taupey rose shade, very unique and the perfect crease shade for a simple matte eye that I like to pair with a thin cat eye flick. The quality of the shadow isn`t outstanding (it`s a bit on the chalky side) but it does the job and looks very pretty.


The next product I want to talk about is a bit of a throwback to last spring when I know I raved about it as well, it`s The Body Shop Liquid Highlighter (14 $). This product is extremely multifunction I use it as a primer, I add it to my foundation , or use it as a highlighter ( not all at once obviously) , it`s just the perfect addition if your skin is looking dull and a little dry (which mine is all the time). It`s not a glitter it just gives the perfect amount of glow to the skin.



If you are a regular reader of my blog you might be tired of my obsession for gray/taupe/lavender polishes, I promise next month I will switch it up, but I had to talk about this beauty. This is the Ciate Nail Polish in Pillow Fight (15$) and it`s just up my street, a darker gray with lavender undertone.



I have become a huge fan of Khiels skincare (and have also turned broke at the same time) and this is one of the standout products in my routine right now. It`s the Khiel`s Hydro-Plumping Re-Texturizing Serum Concentrate (58$), I know it`s an expensive little bugger but it`s pretty amazing as well. For my uber dehydrated skin this guy together with a scrub also by Khiel`s have really gotten my skin texture under control. Especially during the colder months my skin gets really rough and foundation starts looking really bad but this beauty of a serum has really been injecting the much needed moisture back into my skin. I used to apply it every morning but now I switched to 2- 3 times a week in the morning after I exfoliate.





Shampoo is not really something I put too much tough into, I don`t really think it makes much of a difference and when it comes to my hair I would much rather spend my money on masks , treatments and styling products. So shampoos are usually whatever I can find in the supermarket that has the word hydrating in it ( I think we have already established that I am basically a dehydrated raisin ). A couple of weeks back I saw a display of this new range by Dove and decided to give it a go. What I enjoy most about this shampoo apart from being a nice and hydrating formula is the scent, the only way I can describe it is perfumee and not a bad perfumee but a nice high end relaxing scent. The scent actually lasts in my hair which is basically the cherry on top.



I don`t really drink tea in the spring summer but when fall hits my tea addiction goes crazy. I am also not huge into fruity or crazy combination teas, I stick to the classics and that usually means English Breakfast Tea and this brand is my favorite. Honestly I can get up to three cups of this ting on the daily, which combined with my huge morning cup of coffee isn`t the healthiest thing but I can`t help myself.


Now when it come`s to cute mugs and tumblers I can go a bit crazy , so naturally when I saw that Starbucks brought in their Christmas collection I had to go get myself a couple of things and this beauty has to be my favorite. It`s a beautiful simple tumbler, not very Christmasy so I will be using it all year round and to all you coper addicts out there, Go get you some.



For my music favorite I chose an album that has been playing on repeat on my way to class, and that is Jamie Lawson`s self titled first album. If you enjoy a good singer-songwriter type album you will love him. Plus it`s the perfect soundtrack for the fall! Check it out!!!!!!!Jamie_Lawson_-_Jamie_Lawson_(Album_Artwork)


I love getting style inspiration from Instagram and this moth I have been getting a serious girl crush on Taylor Morgan from LittleBlondBook. She is an amazing style blogger as well but her instagram feed is extremely inspirational. She might be pregnant but I still really enjoy her outfits. I will include a couple of them so you can see how amazing she is. Her style is very simple and quite casual but I think she really masters the effortless chic look and I for one am obsessed!


Well now that I have finished this post , if you will excuse me I need to go decorate for Christmas , oh and write 13 posts, what have I gotten myself into? And if you have a few free moments how about leaving me a comment and letting me know what you have been loving for the past month!! See you again on Tuesday for the first day of BLOGMASS!!!!



12 thoughts on “November Favorites

  1. Yay blogmas! Can’t wait to read everything! And this past month I have been loving the deep plum color, I don’t know if it is because it’s getting colder now and i’m all about those dark tones, but I bought two sweaters in that color!

  2. Lovely makeup picks! I usually use Mac blush but never tried Sephora for blushes! I’m also looking for a face cream and I’m glad I read ur recommendation ♥
    Thanks for sharing

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