Gift Guide #3 For Her (Blogmas #1)

Hello everyone and welcome to the first day of BLOGMASSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In todays post I am continuing my gift guide series with the gift guide for her. I chose 12 different gifts that will be great for any woman in your life. Hope you find this useful and get some gift inspiration! Let`s get to it.

Under 15$

gift guide for her

  1. Recycled Book Letter 14$  I feel like as soon as you hit your twenties something happens and any woman becomes 10 times more interested in home decor. This first present I think is such a cute interesting and unique idea. It`s basically a vintage book that has been repurposed into the cutest home decor initial.
  2. Monogram Mug 13$ Keeping on the monogram train the next gift I chose is this initial mug , great stocking stuffer or gift if you are doing a secret Santa and are stuck for ideas. Antropology also have some great ones.
  3. Jewel Headband 15.90$ I personally love this next gift and think that more women should wear them. The idea of headbands might bring back some not so nice memories from childhood but trust me these are no 2`nd grade headbands. They can make such a great finishing touch to a festive outfit or can work just as well with a white T and jeans.


Under 50$

gift guide for her1

  1. Kate Spade Planner 36$ Planning has almost become a trend in recent years and so many more women are getting into it. So if you have anyone in your life who likes staying organized or is in need of more structure to their life, a planner is a great gift. And when it comes to planners Kate Spade makes some of the prettiest out there.
  2. Bauble Bar Necklace 48$ Jewelry is one of those classic gifts and I had to include a piece as well. The one I chose is this beaut by Bauble Bar which I think will work for both the girl who sticks to more dainty jewelry as well as one who enjoys more of a statement piece. Great for any age as well, I personally would wear it, and I`m sure my mom would also love to wear it.
  3. Portable Charger 24.99$ If you are thinking of getting more of a practical gift, that what better than a portable charger. We all know how much time we spend on our phones and that anxious feeling when our phone gets`s to under 20 percent battery.

Under 100$

gift guide for her2

  1. Nixon Watch 100$  I think watches make great gifts and this one by Nixon is so classic and beautiful, any woman will love it. P.S. They also come in gold and silver, so depending on what she prefers there is an option , but I thought this rose gold was really special.
  2. Nike Shoes 85$ So many women put exercising more on the top of their resolution lists and there is nothing more motivating than new workout wear. I love the look of these Nike trainers and I think most women will as well.
  3. Victoria Secret PJ Set 59.90$ Another classic Christmas gift are the Victoria Secret Pajamas . Great gift especially for those who open a gift on Christmas Eve or exchange a few days early.


Over 100$

gift guide for her3

  1. Fit Bit Lifestyle Tracker 129.95$ Another great motivation tool for those who want to exercise more in the new year are lifestyle trackers. These things measure calories burned steps taken and even your quality of sleep.
  2. KitchenAid Mixer 250$ If anyone were to ask me what my ultimate gift would be , my answer is always a KitchenAid Mixer. And if you are buying for someone who loves baking and cooking there is no better gift out there.
  3. YSL Handbag 1,550$ I think the ultimate splurge gift for a loot of women are designer handbags. So if there is anyone out there with the budget, than snoop around find out what she would like and you are certainly going to make her very happy.

I hope you enjoyed my first Blogmass Post and I`ll see you  again on Thursday for a new one. See you then!!!

Love Laura

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