December MoodBoard (Blogmas #2)

December it`s probably the most anticipated moth of the year so I know you don`t need me to get excited about this coming month. Still I wanted to share all the things that I am most exited for this December.

dec moodboard

  1. There are few things that remind me of my childhood as much as Harry Potter, I grew up with the books. And every year a month before Christmas the new book would come out and I would spend so many nights in December getting completely lost in that wonderful world of fantasy. So even now when I am much older and the magic (nu pun intended) is mostly lost I still love watching back all the movies every evening on the weekends.
  2. If you know me than you know I am one of those annoying people who loves decorating for each season and there is no better season to decorate for than Winter/ Christmas. So I love pulling out my knit blankets , my furry pillows, my festive lights and bring in a bit  of festive cheer into my room. Oh and lets not forget that all important Christmas tree, which I take very seriously , maybe a bit too seriously.
  3. I am not much of a fan of the cold but one thing I love is walking around the city and enjoying the Cristmas decorations, so for that I do endure the cold.
  4. Don`t think anything screams festive cheer more than watching supermodels walk around in skimpy lingerie with wings on their back while I stuff my face with popcorn and chocolate and tell myself that after the holidays I`ll get back in shape, that`s why this month I am also very excited to watch the Victoria`s Secret Fashion Show. It`s become a bit of a tradition every year.
  5.  Gift wrapping is one of those things you either love or loath and personally I loveee it. I used to hate gift wrapping and still now I can get bored very quickly but as long as I do a bit at a time , I really enjoy being very meticulous. I also really love choosing the paper and all the trimmings, this year I am thinking of going with simple brown paper and adding red satin ribbon and some eucalyptus or other leaves, maybe a little candy cane as well.
  6. As far as winter fashion goes I live in oversize knits and comfort is my first priority. I also may be guilty of wearing some leggings in the winter time with my longer sweaters.
  7. One trend I am loving right now are turtlenecks, I go for the ones that aren`t very tight on my neck (they make me feel claustrophobic) and I love doing either a low bun or just tucking my hair in for a faux bob look. Oh and I love doing a bold lip as well , usually red in December.
  8. I know this wasn’t included in the photo edit but I had to include it, one thing I am mega excited for this December is vlogmass! If you are a vlog watcher you might also be in the same boat, this year all my favorite youtubers are doing vlogmass and every morning I find my subscription box full of new videos. That’s what I call Christ every morning!

Thanks again for joining me on this second day of my Blogmass series and I hope to see you again on Saturday with my fourth Gift Guide . Also let me know what movies you like to watch during December to get you in the spirit , I need more ideas.

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