Gift Guide #4 For Him (Blogmas #3)

Welcome back to another gift guide this time one dedicated to the men in our lives. I don`t know about you but as far as gifts go I always struggle with finding gifts for guys. So todays gifting ideas are , at least in my opinion, good all around gifts for any guy you might need to buy for.

Under 25$

gift guide for him

  1. Herschel Toiletry Bag 25$ I think toiletry bags are something guys wouldn`t purchase for themselves, but if they receive one they really enjoy using it and will get so much more use out of them then they would imagine.
  2. The North Face Beanie 25$ classic gift I know, but there is a reason they are a Christmas statement. I really like the look of this particular one from The North Face and think it would make a great addition to a guys stocking if you are struggling with that.
  3. Slippers 21.90$ again something I don`t really see guys getting for themselves but I promise you that as long as they are soft , they will love them.

Under 50$

gift guide for him1

  1. Fossil Wallet 50$ a good quality leather wallet is always a good bet if you aren`t sure exactly of his hobbies or style. Go for a simple, classic and practical design , not too big (make sure it would fit in a pocket) and you should be set. I really enjoyed this one by Fossil in the cognac leather.
  2. John Varvatos Fragrance Coffret 50$ if you have seen my previous gift guides you might know I don`t encourage gifting perfume, but I do make an exception when it comes to guys. I think that if you are buying for a boyfriend go ahead and chose what you would like him to smell like, I think that as long as it`s manly enough he won`t mind. Still if you don`t want to run the risk of him not liking the scent this set from John Varvatos will give him four different options.
  3. Nike Half Zip Running Top 48.75$ I love a good half zip on a guy and I think this one is gorgeous. I don`t think he should be into sports or working out to get him one , I think they are great for a relaxed look or just for wearing around the house.

Under 100$

gift guide for him2

  1. Khiel`s Skincare Set 65$ I know not many guys use skincare but if you are buying for one that likes to use products or might have some complexion issues he struggles with, than a good skincare set could be a great gift. I also love those cool old fashioned shaving sets , so those could be another alternative to skincare.
  2. Herschel Backpack 85$ such a great practical gift , definitely something they will use often and enjoy. These particular ones from Herschel are super popular designs and at least all the guys I know would enjoy them.
  3. Zara Men Sweater  79$ I am a huge fan of getting guys clothing for their gifts. I know they aren`t too fussy with what they wear and I do love dressing them how I like and there is nothing I like more on a guy than a nice sweater/cardigan with this kind of neckline.

Over 100$

gift guide for him3

  1. FitBit Lifestyle Tracker with Heart Rate 149$ if you are buying for a guy who does enjoy exercise these lifestyle trackers are a really cool gift that incorporates technology and exercise. That is what I call a sure gift.
  2. Ray-Ban Clubmaster 200$ this will probably going to be more of a gift for you than for him, but if you enjoy how he looks with a cool pair of shades why not get one you really like as well.
  3. Skagen Leather Duffel 445$ If you have a bigger budget to play with I think a really nice leather duffel bag is a great gift he will have and use for a long time.

Hope this helped, like I said ,I`m not the best with guy gifts but hopefully there is something in there that inspired you. I`ll see you again on Monday and my last Gift Guide will be up on Thursday.

Love Laura

7 thoughts on “Gift Guide #4 For Him (Blogmas #3)

  1. Mr O would definitely enjoy some of these things especially the slippers, Kiehl’s products and leather duffel. In fact they’re all variations of things I have gotten him in the past 🙂

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