Johnson`s Baby Oil my secret to smooth skin (Blogmas #6)

OK , so I know you might be tired of me talking about my struggles with uber dry skin, but I feel like when it comes to dry/dehydrated skin and how to manage it I have tried it all. So when I find something that has an impact on my skin, I know it will also work on almost anyone who is struggling with dry skin (be it from the weather or just genetics). Moisturizing your body is one of those things everyone loathes, especially in the winter, I mean who wants to stand around in the cold and slather some moisturizer on instead of putting on their fluffy robe and snuggling up. My routine used to consist of using the Nivea In shower body moisturizer followed by a Body Shop Body Butter, and I had been using this routine for almost a year, so I did find it worked, I mean it wasn`t perfect it took quite a while and the body butter does leave you feeling really sticky, but when you have dry skin you kind of accept that this is how things are.


Back in the beginning of summer I watched one of Niomi Smart`s videos where herself, her mom and her grandmother were sharing their beauty secrets (link here). Firstly I have to say you need to watch that video it`s so interesting to see how beauty evolved by hearing what different generations actually use and have been for their whole life. ย I think in our time we have so many options on the market and we feel like we need to use so many different products and I think in the end less is more even when it comes to skincare something we should ย learn from the older generation. Plus when you watch that video you will see how amazing both Niomi`s mom and grandma look, I mean if I get to look like them I will use any products they recommend. Well we have gone a bit of subject but I do really recommend watching that video no mater your age! Now back to the subject at hand, it that video Niomi`s mom talked about using Johnson`s baby oil as her body moisturizer and I decided to try it as well.




At first I did try it both after the Nivea in shower moisturizer as well as before the body butter, but I actually found that it was most effective used on it`s own. I use it every day right after I get out of the shower just splash a bit all over my skin and then pat myself dry with a towel. It doesn`t make me feel sticky and it`s so much quicker.

What I found with this is that it leaves the skin feeling silky not just hydrated. With all the other body butters I used, they left my skin hydrated and kept flakiness at bay but with this I actually feel my skin having the most amazing silky feeling.



  • I do recommend using a scrub no matter what type of skin you have at least once or twice a week if you want that silky feeling.
  • In the Johnson`s range they have an oil that gives a bit more moisture than the others and I always go for that one (it`s usually in the pink cap bottle)
  • If you are a bit iffy on the smell (I was too) don`t worry, you won`t smell it after you pat yourself dry, furthermore if you have a shower gel that you can still smell after the shower this won`t cover it up.
  • Plus let`s not forget the budget, this baby (pun intended) is a fraction of the price of the products I was using.


I hope you have enjoyed this little beauty trick and if you try it or have already tried it leave me a comment and let me know what was your experience like! I`ll see you again on Sunday for another Blogmas post!

Love Laura

21 thoughts on “Johnson`s Baby Oil my secret to smooth skin (Blogmas #6)

  1. I used to use this…thanks for the reminder that it’s a great product! I know people who use olive oil on their skin…and they have amazing skin! ๐Ÿ™‚

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