Non Christmasy Beauty Haul (Blogmas #7)

I have been doing a whole bunch of Christmas shopping lately but since I am a huge believer in the one for you one for me mentality, I also ended up with a few bits for myself so I tough I`d share! 


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMaybelline Lash Sensational Mascara – If your a regular reader you might be thinking ” but wait Laura what happened to your eye makeup allergies? this isn`t an overpriced, not very good, hypoallergenic mascara! . Well let me explain, I have yet to give up on trying to see exactly what gives me a reaction and what doesn`t and to my delight I haven`t had any reactions from this mascara yet , also in the continuation of this post you might see some more eye bits that I decided to try after this success. So like I said I have been using this mascara for a couple of weeks now and so far it hasn`t caused me any issues. Maybelline mascaras are for sure my favorites and I love how much variety they have. This particular one has been pretty good (not as good as my Falsies, but I`m still scared to try that one) it gives a good amount of volume while doing a great job at separating.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnother Maybelline eye product that I have been experimenting with has been this Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner, I used it twice and again SUCCESS. I really wanted to get a cheep liquid eyeliner to practice a bit more with it. I have small hooded eyes so I need to be extremely discreet with my eyeliner and do a super prices and incredibly thin line in order to have it suit me. I have to say that this product really impressed me, I am not a liquid eyeliner pro but the brush on this is really nice and thin the product is very black ( I hate it when liquid liners look more gray than black ) and once it sets it stays for a good while. I completely recommend it if you are looking for a good drugstore liner option.


Now here is where the success rate drops, I knew going into it that out of the products I have bought this one ( Catrice Cosmetics Prime and Fine Eyeshadow Base )  had the highest chance of causing a reaction and I was right. As soon as I put it on, my eyes started to water and it even stung a bit so I took it off immediately , and even if it stayed on for less than a minute it still caused a full on reaction that I am still trying to get under control. I really did want to do a review on this but I guess it won`t happen now and it will have to be passed on to one of the sisters.


When I fist saw that Catrice Cosmetics started being sold in Romania the first thing that I wanted to try was their eyeshadows. Myself and everyone else apparently because all their palettes were sold out as well as most of the singles. I did manage to pick up this shade ( Catrice Cosmetics Absolute Eye Color 560 I like to Mauve it ) which again is a taupe with pinky/ blush undertones , yeah it`s basically the shimmer version of the Sephora eyeshadow I showed in my November Favorites post. I am really impressed by the formula and even thou after the primer disaster I didn`t get to try it on my eyes I have high hopes it will perform well. The shade is gorgeous and surprisingly really creamy for the price I think it`s at least worth a try. I will keep you updated on this one.


As always I needed to pick up some more shades of my favorite nail polishes from Rimmel. The first one I chose is this pearly white called 730 Silver Bullet, I`m always on the lookout for a good white polish that doesn`t require 5 coats to be opaque. I have tried this one and I think a good 3 is enough so I`m happy with that. It is quite pearly in the finish so I`m not sure how much I will actually wear it because of that.


I love glitter during the holidays , and since I never wear red nail polish ,this is my way of achieving holiday nails. Rimmel have a few shades in the glitter topcoats but I went with the classic gold called 031 Mistletoe Mischief . I actually tried it over the white and really loved it!


Now you can tell how ready I am for spring and warm weather by the fact that I am already getting nail polish in springy colors. I am a sucker for pastel lilac nail polish shades and my all time favorite from Ciate in Sugarplum I have yet to find again, so I am getting every pastel lilac I can find to try and match it (no luck yet).  This shade ( 558 Go wild-er-ness) does come pretty close it`s a bit lighter in real life than in the photo but I still would like it to be lighter , Sugarplum is almost white with a bit of lilac in it, so I might try to mix in something and make it lighter.


The pastel trend continues with this beauty of a shade (203 Lose your Lingerie)  which again is a loot lighter in real life , this is basically a white with a bit of pinky blush thrown in. I just swatched it while writing this and I am amazed by how opaque it is for such a light shade, it went opaque from two coats. It is also a good dupe for Essie Fiji.

I hope you have enjoyed this short little haul and if you have any Catrice Cosmetics recommendations for me I would love it if you let me know! I`ll talk to you again on Thursday for a new Blogmas Post!

Love Laura

8 thoughts on “Non Christmasy Beauty Haul (Blogmas #7)

  1. I adore the Maybelline Master Precise Liner! I’ve tried to experiment and branch out with others but I always seem to go back to it, it’s the most amazing eyeliner and is so affordable! I love it, and hope you do too x

  2. Hi, Laura! Where did you get this piece of cloth (or towel) with Ukrainian national print (embroidery)? Its so cute to see it in your blog 🙂

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