January MoodBord

The first month of the year is always an exciting time at least for me. I am definitely more motivated and ready to get to work. My monthly MoodBoard posts are meant to get you excited and pumped for the coming month, focus on all the good things coming up, and maybe a bit less on all the stressful parts.

jan moodboard

  1. January is always a great month as far as exercise goes. I feel like the gym is twice as full as usual (not that I have been there recently) and Instagram gets bombarded with 30 day challenges. So of course I too jumped on that bandwagon and plan on getting into YogaWithAdriene`s Beginner`s 30 Day Program and also getting back into the gym (with the blizzards coming in the next moths I probably won`t be getting back to running in a while).
  2. Another thing I feel super motivated to do this month is do a deep clean in my room reorganize my closet and maybe change some things up as well.
  3. My outfit inspiration for this month is warm and super comfy. I love fall fashion, the light layering and cool mixes but as soon as winter hits I kind of forget about fashion and concentrate more on keeping warm and being comfy. This outfit inspo I feel brings a bit of fashion to my comfy winter wardrobe.
  4. Going back to the organization front, even thou I consider myself a organized person I do strive to be even more so. That is why after hearing a bunch of great things about this book I finally decided January is the month to give it a read and try implementing some of the ideas. Wish me luck!
  5. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, my planner and having a brand new one is getting me so excited to be super organized this year.
  6. I talked in my 2016 Resolutions post about how I plan on doing a monthly resolution at the beginning of each month and this month I am challenging myself to go gluten free for the month. I adore bread and pastries so this is not going to be easy but I have wanted to see what effects quiting gluten would have on my skin and overall health so this month is the month. Another smaller resolution for this month is quiting my Pepsi addiction, well sugary drinks in general but Pepsi is mostly what I drink from that category.
  7. A new addition to the Monthly MoodBoard structure is my Shopping List. This will contain the products or items I plan on purchasing in the next month.This months to buy products are all beauty products but I will be perusing the sales in Zara and Mango so those are bound to cause some damage as well. First two products are by MAC the MAC Prolongwear Concealer– I have wanted a brightening concealer to use on my under eye area that will also cover up the dark circles and this is the one I plan on getting ASAP- the other MAC purchase will be the Fix + Spray – I have high hopes that this product will revolutionize the way my makeup looks on my uber dry skin-  next for my hair I really want to try the Aussie 3 Min Miracle and lastly I have a repurchase and that is the Mario Badescu Glycolactic Acid Toner.

I would love it if you left me a comment and share what you are excited for in January. Thanks again for reading and I will see you again on Wednesday!

27 thoughts on “January MoodBord

  1. My co-worker told me about the book (#4) and he said it was really good and it puts a lot in perspective. Thanks for the reminder because I was interested in reading it but forgot all about it.

  2. I’m excited for: wearing my cute winter hats, drinking hot chocolate, taking brisk walks, making soup, and doing more reading.

    P.s. Your mood posts are infectious and make me consider ideas I might otherwise not. Like tennis shoes in winter!

  3. I’m excited for: getting my school exchange application results, my jeffree star and gerard cosmetics liquid lipsticks to arrive!

    Omg mac prolong wear concealer is my HG hahah and I wanna get the fix + too. 🙂

  4. This may be off topic… I need suggestions for a work wardrobe for a forty-something woman who has zero decent working clothes. We have limited money, and she would refuse anything trendy, too femmy, fussy, or “statement-y”. She is a picky woman, yet she has always dressed herself from second-hand stores. I’m thinking about Kohl’s or JC Penney because they can be affordable, but I’m totally out of it as far as fashion shopping goes. Do you have any suggestions for what to buy, or where to look? Thanks for any help! Happy New Year!

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