Nivea Men After Shave Balm used as a Primer Review

I started watching Nikkie Tutorials at the beginning of December, if you haven`t heard about her, she is an amazing makeup artist who also does YouTube videos, honestly as far as skills and new techniques she is my favorite. One of her holly grail products is this Nivea Men After Shave Balm which she uses as a primer , naturally I had to go out and buy it immediately. So I have been putting this guy to the test for the past month and now I am ready to do a full review on it , so if you are interested than keep on reading!


I am going to start off with the basics , the price is 6.99 $ for 3.3Fl.Oz./100ml and you can get it pretty much everywhere ( I got mine from my local Supermarket) .

Tip: Always go for the sensitive skin option rather than the original.

It comes in a nice quality glass bottle but unfortunately without a pump, this can be a bit messy if you aren`t careful. What I did, and really recommend, is either getting one of the travel decanting boles that comes with a pump or just washing and reusing an old bottle from a foundation or face cream that came with a pump and decanting it into that.

Now moving on to the ingredients ,  surprisingly the ingredients list is really quite short (you can find it here), and the reason this guy works so well is because the second most used ingredient in it is glycerin (pretty much the ingredient that makes all those great finishing sprays give you the glow and reduce the powderyness). Also I love the fact that it has no alcohol, as someone with dry sensitive skin that is very important and a whole lot of the makeup primers out there do contain it.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The first thing I noticed when opening the bottle was the smell, which don`t get me wrong is not a bad smell, I actually really enjoy it, but I wouldn`t want to smell like a man all day, or for it to clash with my perfume. If that concerns you as well , in my experience it does go away as soon as you put on your foundation. In order to really test it out I asked a friend if she could smell it and she said she really couldn`t so don`t worry it really does go away.

Now I want to talk about the consistency of this product which is quite runny, very similar to the Covergirl/ Max Factor Face Finity All Day Primer. The consistency makes is so you don`t need too much to cover your face (this bottle will last you a while), but again if you don`t decant it into something with a pump you really need to be careful how much it runs out.

Application , as I said you need a small coin size amount (or how much you feel is necessary) but be careful not to over do it. It goes on to the skin very easily ,I apply it like I would any moisturizer. Now something extremely important is that you need to work the product into the skin until you feel it becoming tacky, only then move on to your foundation. Next I think foundation looks best with it, when applied with a makeup sponge rather than a brush. Since the product does go tacky the best way of getting the most out of it is by taping in your foundation with the sponge, rather than dragging it with a brush. I also found that with the more liquid foundations which soak too much in to my Beauty Blender, the best way of applying them was with my fingers.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The finish that the primer gave to all the foundations I tried, was a bit more luminous than what I got without a primer, and also it made my skin look more flawless. Now if you have normal or more oily skin I still think it`s worth a try, since at least to me it didn`t feel oily or slippery on my skin. It will also make matte foundations more natural.

Now that we have established that I enjoyed the finish it gave my foundation what about it`s lasting power? I did notice a bit of an improvement in the overall state of my makeup at the end of the day, nothing spectacular thou, so if that is what you are looking most in your primer this might not be your answer. But I still think it`s worth trying and using it at lest on the days you know you won`t be wearing makeup for more than 6-8 hours.

Lat but not lest I need to mention that this product really didn`t affect my skin or make it break out, since I do have really sensitive skin and I usually stay away from scented products at least for my skin.

Now when I said I put it to the test for the past month I really mean it, I used it with different types of foundations and BB Creams on top, I did half and half of my face with the other primers I have and I have to say that this will forever be something which will live in my stash. I actually might prefer it over my Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch , which was my old swear by primer.

I hope you have enjoyed this very long winded review and if you too have tried this balm as a primer let me know what your experience was like!

25 thoughts on “Nivea Men After Shave Balm used as a Primer Review

  1. This is my new holy grail primer. For me it makes my makeup last for my 10+ hour days and for someone with oily skin its amazing at oil control. I try to use like a dime size or less. I noticed less is more for this otherwise it doesn’t get super tacky. It helped make my pores a little smaller and the box or bottle even said it’s suppose to make your skin better over time. Thanks for sharing this review! I loved it! Xx

    1. Thank`s so much for sharing your thoughts, since I do personally have dry skin , I couldn`t really give too much advice for those with oily skin so I hope reading your comment helps them.

  2. It makes sense. It has ingredients like light moisturizer and right moisturizer is a good base for makeup. But I didn’t try this one, I guess will give it a go:) Thanks for review!

  3. So glad you reviewed this- I have very skin too so I wasn’t sure how I might like it. I usually have to put moisturizer on before I prime, if this is moisturizing enough for me I may be able to skip that step. I’m glad you went in depth in your review!

  4. Did you see the post someone put on Nikki’s page. I guess some boyfriend thought his girlfriend was cheating on him when he saw the Nivea balm! It’s on Nikki’s twitter page. SO FUNNY!

  5. Interesting, I’d never thought of using an after shave as a primer. Totally hear you on the smell. I sometimes use my husband’s lotion/spf, and while I love the scent, I do wonder if I’m walking around smelling like a dude all day. Haha.

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