My 2015 Best in Beauty

2015 was really a great year for beauty, there were some amazing launches and for todays post I wanted to share with you all my favorite/most used beauty products and tools of last year. Hope you enjoy and if I enable you to go out and buy some of these lovely products, sorry!


My favorite foundation of 2015 has to go to the Too Faced Born This Way foundation (39$). This was launched in 2015 and the hype surrounding it was huge, but I for one, have to admit that it really deserves it. What I love most about this foundation is the coverage it gives while still managing to look natural on the skin ( it really is magic). There are not many foundations I could say this about, but this one I feel would work on absolutely anyone, no mater their skin type. So if there is one makeup product from this list I would recommend you go out and buy it`s this one!



My first concealer pick is a oldy but a goody, this Make Up For Ever Full Cover concealer (32$) has to be a holly grail product for me. If I have any type of zit no matter how huge ( you know those pesky hormonal chin breakouts), this guy will cover it. Honestly it might be expensive but you only need the tiniest bit and it can really be a life saver.


Another product that is with me at all times (I`m not kidding I have like four of these thing at all times) is the Maybelline Afinitone (5.19ยฃ). This product is the ultimate all rounder, I use it to cover discoloration or redness (especially around the nose), or if I don`t want to wear foundation I dot some of this around my face where I need some coverage blend it in with my beauty blender and it gives the most natural and flawless looking skin. This is also the product I always keep in all my purses for touching up during the day, and I never feel like it makes my makeup look too cakey.



My bronzer pick is going to the Sleek Contour Kit Bronzer (9.99$). The kit also comes with a highlight which let`s say is not a favorite, the bronzer shade thou is a great match for my skin tone and remarkably not at all orangey for a drugstore bronzer.



If you know me you will know I adore glowy makeup, and naturally I am very picky with my highlighters, but this one is still my number one. Its The Balm`s Mary-Lou Manizer highlighter (24$) and is definitely not for the faint of hear. Don`t go for this if you don`t enjoy an in your face highlight but if you too love the glow as much as I do , than without a doubt you need this in your life.



Naturally I blush very easily ( it`s quite annoying actually) so I don`t really tend to use blush but the one blush I do use when I am feeling a bit more frisky is this one by Benefit , Rockateur Box o`Powder (29$). It`s again a very glowy blush with a very light hint of pink , it doesn`t ever look too much it just brings a bit of life to the face.



As far as mascara goes no matter how many other high end or drugstore options I try, I still go back to my Falsies Flared by Maybelline (6.99$). The price is great and it`s just does something to my lashes that no other mascara can.


Eye Palette

For my most used palette of the year I chose Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette (49$), it`s the one I grab for every day and I think it`s a great basic all you need palette.



Lip Pencil

I know I talked quite recently about this guy, but the Rimmel Lip Pencil in Spice 3.99$ has become one of my go to lip products. I use it all over my lips ,either with a lighter hand and a gloss over or full on dark nude left matte. It`s such a cheep product you neeed to give it a try


Liquid lipstick

The formulation on this product isn`t the greatest but what I fell in love with is this color. The Max Factor/Covergirl LipFinity Liquid lipstick 8.49$ can be a bit flaky if you apply too much and it can be a bit drying on the lips but I still go back to this gorgeous color it`s called Luminous Petal and its a gorgeous rosy dark nudy pink, Need I say more?


Lip Gloss

I used to hate lip gloss and I still am partial to a matte lip , but the one lip gloss I do love is the Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector 25$. It gives a nice glossiness and plumpness to the lips without looking like too much and most of all it`s super comfortable on the lips. It feel just like a balm.




My holly grail bold lip is again the MAC Rebel lipstick 17$, this shade is just the perfect shade for me. That plumy tone is something I still can`t find a dupe for. The formulation naturally is really great, and for how moisturizing it is , it`s surprisingly long lasting. Another thing I love about it, is how it fades, I hate it when bold lipsticks fade in the center of your lips and leave you with a weird line around your lips, this guy thou fades really uniformly.



I know this is a holly grail product for so many people but I still had to talk about it. The Original Beauty Blender 20$ might be expensive for a sponge but honestly there is nothing that compares to it. It makes foundations look more flawless and natural at the same time , it really is magic. I know again it is expensive but I would still recommend giving it at least a try, you are bound to become addicted.


Even thou I switched to the Beauty Blender for my foundation application I also had to give a shout out to this guy. It`s the Sephora Mineral Powder Brush (45) 24$ and as far as foundation brushes go this is the best I have tried.


This little brush might not look like much but I honestly think it`s my favorite eye brush. It`s the Real Techniques Accent Brush and I love the precision it gives me. I love to use it for smudging out my lower lash line as well as highlighting my inner corner and brow bone.


My other eye brush favorite is again by Real Techniques and it`s the Deluxe Crease Brush. It`s quite a big brush for using in the crease but it blends beautifully my transition shades.


Skin Care

I used to love Bioderma and I know I wasn`t the only one but to be honest this Garnier Micelar Water For Sensitive skin 6.99$ is just as good, plus it`s so much more affordable and easy to find. Honestly if you love Bioderma you need to give this a try.



This year I started incorporating oils in my skincare routine and I have to say they have transformed my skin. The Khiel`s Midnight Recovery Concentrate 46$ is a house hold name and I have been using that for over six months now the less popular brother, which I think was launched this past year, is the Daily Reviving Concentrate 46$. I did try to resist getting this as well but after two samples I couldn`t wait any longer and to be honest I LOVE IT , I actually love it more than the night version. It has a gorgeous fresh citrus scent that is great in the mornings. These two really have changed my skin.



For my hair favorite I chose the lazy girls best friend, Batiste Dry shampoo 7.99$. It`s still the best dry shampoo I have tried , it does a great job of refreshing my hair, even thou I have dark hair I never have issues with any white residue being visible. My favorite scent is still the original, I find it usually clashes least with my perfume.



If you don`t know what I am talking about and why a baby oil is my body favorite (no I do not have any babies) I will link here the post where I talk all about how this product changed my dry skin. It really is something I will use for the rest of my life.Johnson`s Baby Oil 4.92$


Well if you have managed to get through all that I congratulate you if you haven`t don`t worry I get it, I do have a tendency to ramble. What I would love to know from you is what one product that you loved last year you would recommend I go out and buy, what one product is something you think everyone needs to try. I mean it`s only fair that if I enable you ,you get to enable me back. Think of it as supporting the economy!


33 thoughts on “My 2015 Best in Beauty

  1. Great post! I am really considering buying the Chocolate bar palette right now! My recommendation is the L’oreal eyeshadow quad in Jungle Jade, I really like the colors and the pigmentation is very high and creamy. Definitely worth checking out! I also did a post on this one ๐Ÿ™‚ xoxo

  2. hi Laura, I love your post and I can also agree on the garnier micellar water, it is also always in my kit! ๐Ÿ˜€ I also wanted to try some of the Kiehl’s oils, but am not really sure which one would suit my skin, because it is easily dehydrated and prone to breakouts. which one of those would you suggest? Thanks XO

    1. If I had to recommend one I would say The Midnight Recovery Concentrate, I think that night action oils are the ones that do most for the skin in the long run, they are the ones that will make more of a difference when it comes to hydrating and calming the skin. The reason I love the day one is because it offers more of an instant gratification by brightening the skin and having that wonderful rejuvenating scent. Hope this helped !

  3. I’ve been considering a Kiehl’s oil but they’re so spendy. Do the bottles last you quite a long time do you think? I’ve been loving the MAC Mineralize Blush in Petal Power – such a pretty peachy pink with a gold highlight – this year.

    1. They do hurt my soul when I need to purchase one , but I have to say they will last me over a year and I do 3-4 drops and never skip a day . So I do think they are worth it. I haven`t tried any MAC blushes but 2016 might be the year, I will definitely check out Petal Power, thank you for the recommendation!

  4. There are so many things in there that I love too! I now really need to try the MAC rebel lippy and Born This Way foundation…they look awesome! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thank you so much for commenting, I am sorry but I haven`t tried Clarisonic or any other electrical face brush. I was never really interested, plus for my sensitive skin I am not really sure if it would cause more problems than it would fix.

  5. What a useful post!! Thank you!

    I’d love to hear more about the Khiel’s oils from you sometime. I have combination skin that always seems to be either flaky and dry, or breaking out. How do you feel about the oil for someone like me??

  6. I love Mary-Lou highlighter! It gives life to my face. I even talked about it in my blog post called ” Top 5 Products” ๐Ÿ˜Š You might want to check it out! Adryana xoxo

  7. I would love to see a swatch of the chocolate palette. I j is got my first UD naked palette #3 and im honestly wondering what else I’ve been missing!!!
    Check out my blog if you like ๐Ÿ™‚ love to you!

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