Batiste XXL Volume Dry Shampoo-Review

Today I am back with a new product review, this time I wanted to change it up a bit and review a hair product. Batiste Dry Shampoo has to be a world-wide best seller, it`s definitely the most talked about dry shampoo on the Internet and I for one totally believe in the hype. I mean it was included in my 2015 Best in Beauty if that`s not proof enough I don`t know what is. Over the past few years Batiste have tried expanding their range; fist with different scents, next they brought out the colored options, and now it was time for the volumizing dry shampoo. Now, I for one think dry shampoo in general gives quite a good amount of volume, but being the product junkie that I am, I needed to have it. I mean I like Batiste I like volume in my hair of course I will buy you.ย 

The scent firstly is not too in your face, it`s quite feminine and reminds me of their cherry scent.What I try to do when applying all dry shampoos is , spray it into my roots , leave it in for a couple of minutes and then work it into my hair.




I didn`t have any issues with white cast being visible ( even thou my roots are dark) but it did feel a loot heavier in my hair. What I mean by that isn`t that it weight my hair down it did give a good amount of volume , but that it was quite uncomfortable on my scalp, it felt like a loot of product. Keep in mind that I have had this product for over two months, and I have used it on quite a few occasions, so I have experimented with the amount. If I sprayed the tiniest bit I wouldn`t get any results and when I sprayed the normal amount in order to get my hair looking good, I always had that annoying feeling of too much product on my scalp.ย The amount of volume this version of Batiste gave in comparison to the regular formula, was a bit more but to be honest I didn`t notice a crazy difference.


I find that with the regular batiste I have really nice volume for the first day but after that it loses that extra umf , although I can still get a day of pretty clean looking hair, with the XXL volume I did find that the volume latest longer which is probably the biggest plus for this product, but I also found that the feeling of the product in my hair made me really want to wash my hair as soon as possible.

I don`t use dry shampoo more than once a week so I don`t find my scalp is bothered by it, but when I use this version it really dries out my scalp and it even gave me a nasty bit of dandruff recently when I finally decided to give up on it.



Final thoughts:

  • not much difference in the amount of volume as oppose to the classic formula
  • it gives a loot of product build up in the roots and makes it quite uncomfortable
  • the volume does last significantly better than with the regular formula
  • it did dry out my scalp quite badly causing dandruff

My final recommendation is if you have an oily scalp and are disappointed in how the classic formulation loses it`s volume, than this product is worth a try, still keep in mind it makes your scalp quite uncomfortable as oppose to cleaner. I for one will be sticking to the classic formulation.

16 thoughts on “Batiste XXL Volume Dry Shampoo-Review

  1. I love using the xxl batiste on days where I’m wearing my hair in a braid or up do I find it gives it texture but also makes it look clean. It also helps you not feel like you need to wash your hair when it’s out of your face!

  2. I love Batiste and your review is absolutely spot on. Also, dry shampoos are great to work onto busy days where there is no time to do actual shampoo and conditioning and moreover, it gives such a volumnising effect which is certainly a true highlight.

  3. Really great review. I love Bastise and after trying a few dry shampoos, this is my fab by far. Not sure how I coped before dry shampoo was available.

  4. I’ve never use the Batiste brand, but my sister always does, especially with the root color ones. I always enjoyed the Not Your Mothers brand dry shampoo, but I think I’ll try Batiste next time (:

  5. That is literally my favourite dry shampoo!! The only thing i don’t like is that is smells like “old lady” if you know what I’m say’n ๐Ÿ˜€ but other than that i feel like it gives you the best results ^^

  6. I have just used this one in my hair! I don’t see a difference in volume as well, it is the same as the other ones ๐Ÿ™‚ Also, I have nominated you for the lovely blogger award! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Hiii! How are you?? Lovely post. I just thought I would ask if you are aware that I have sent through an email to you about 4/5 days ago? It is in regards to an interview. Let me know soon if you got it, just so I can finish organizing the segment. Thank you! Happy blogging:)

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