January Favorites

Hey you , welcome back to another blog post and the end of another month. I usually try to make January as productive as possible but I have to admit this month was a bit of a fail in general. It all started at the beginning of the month when I got a pretty bad case of the stomach flu followed by 3 weeks of -20° C (or -4° F) and on top of I had all my finals. So this months favorites are super basic in the beauty department, the style ones are focused on warmth and I have a bunch of random favorites that have helped me keep sane and added a bit of relaxation into my month. Hope you enjoy!




As I mentioned in the intro, I haven`t really worn much makeup this past month, but when I did I kept it light with this. The Bourjois CC Cream, is something I wore a loot in the summer but this month I fell back in love with it. The coverage is extremely light but perfect for slapping it on quickly and running off to an exam. What it does is, it evens out my complexion and diminishes any redness I might have , it`s light and quick to apply.


If I ever wore something on my lips (maybe four or five times this month), it was this beauty , The Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lipstick in 180 Vintage Pink. A really beautiful rosy nude. It`s exactly the type of nude I like to go for, not to light and with a pinky /rose undertone , plus the formula is really creamy and comfortable on the lips.


Now with the awful cold , I needed to step up my skincare routine which included trying to do a scrub twice a week. This Khiel`s Re-Texturizing Micro-Dermabrasion scrub is hands down the best I have ever tried. I don`t usually use a mechanical exfoliant more than once a week but with this extremely cold weather I had to. And even thou I have sensitive skin the fact that this scrub is so fine kept my skin from freaking out. I have to say it may be stupidly expensive but it does last a long time and there is nothing I have tried that remotely comes close to it.



I just realize the color palette of these two style favorites are great representation of what my wardrobe looked like this month. I know it`s not that exciting but it did the job and it was a quick way of looking presentable while not having to worry too much about what I wore. My first favorite is this huge blanket scarf from Zara, it`s very warm and it goes with all my winter coats. The one thing I will say that is negative, it`s that it sheds like crazy , if you have any wool coats this thing will leave them full of fluff.


When I wanted to look like I was trying a bit more I whipped out this wool hat from H&M, it still keeps you warm but it looks so much more stylish than my regular beany. Again keeping with my favorite color palette of black and gray.



This past month I rediscovered how much I love my coloring book. Especially when I am stressed I find it so much more relaxing doing something with my hands and it takes me out of my head much more than watching something or even reading.



Music is also something I have been depending on for relaxation, especially when going in for exams , my head is usually spinning going through all the things I need to remember and I need music to distract me. The tree albums I have absolutely loved this month are Grace-Memo (fav. songs being You Don`t Own Me and The Honey) Elle King-Love Stuff (America`s Sweetheart, Where The Devil Don`t Go ,Ain`t Gonna Drown,  I Told You I Was Mean) and last K.Flay-Life As A Dog (Can`t Sleep, Thicker Than Dust). They are all amazing albums you NEED to give them at least a shot.


In the land of TV, January was pretty uneventful the two new shows that I did really enjoy have been The Shannara Cronicles (d on`t be put off by the fact that it`s made by MTV it`s far superior to everything else they do ,both in plot and overall quality of cast and visuals) and Recovery Road, I only saw a few episodes of both but they were the best I had this month.

Well I have to say I am glad January is finally over, I only have one more exam and I am finally done. It wasn`t exactly how I wanted to start off my year but I am confident February is going to be so much better (and hopefully warmer). Thanks for stooping by I will see you again on Friday with a new post!

8 thoughts on “January Favorites

  1. I have Zara blanket scarf too and you’re right it does shed a bit but its one of the softest most comfortable things I own!

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