February 2016 MoodBoard

January didn`t really pan out the way I planed , but that`s life and I am very excited to get on with February. I really hope the weather warms up a bit and I can make this month as productive as I am hoping. I still have one exam in a couple of days, and I am done for the semester YAYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  As usual I am rambling too much in this introduction so let`s get into the actual post and share with you all the things that are getting me excited about February!


  1. As soon as I am done with my last final, I am going skiing. I am so excited, I haven`t skied in a couple of years and I sure miss it. Expect some pretty nature shots on Instagram!
  2. This month I also need to get back to exercising. I have been making a loot of excuses lately but this month I have to just bite the bullet and at least get back into the gym since the weather is still so cold.
  3. Yes you read it right folks, this month I am putting a ban on all spending ( well apart from food and other necessary things). I did quite a bit of shopping in January ( Haul coming soon), and March and April I will be doing a bunch more, with the season change, so I thought that February was a good time to pull back and let my wallet recuperate a bit.
  4. One of the highlight of this time of year for me is Awards Season, and the most exciting of them all has to be The Oscars. I do have to admit I am not the biggest film buff but I love me a pretty gown! come on I am sure I am not the only one!
  5. Have I mentioned how cold it`s been? Well I am sorry for complaining so much , but it`s really taken it out of me, so the idea of even a positive sign in front of the temperature sounds like heaven to me so yes one of the things that excite me about February is that it`s warmer then January!
  6. As far as style goes , January was pretty basic and there was a whole lot of black involved. So even if February won`t really bring spring yet, I will at least try and get away from the black and substitute it for grey`s and other lighter shades. I really liked this particular outfit warm and monochrome but a bit more lively.
  7. I have been vegan for only two weeks now , but I have to say I am really enjoying it. So this month`s resolution is to keep it going, which will be a bit more chalanging since I am going away and won`t have the same options as I do at home, wish me luck.

I hope you had a lovely January and I wish that February is even better. Thanks for stopping by, I will see you again on Sunday!

12 thoughts on “February 2016 MoodBoard

  1. Love the monthly updates ….such a good idea! I’m with you on working out…I’ve had tooooo many excuses the past *cough6monthscough* and I need to get going. Forreal. What kind of workouts do you do? Also, with your new diet change, what has been the biggest challenge of going vegan?

    1. Thank you so much I am glad you like them! As far as working out I really like doing either a few blogilates videos in the morning or some yoga (yoga with adriene is my fav) and I also try and go to the gym 3-4 times a week. Going vegan so far has been easier than expected , but the biggest challenge has probably been not baking. I love baking and the results of my baking but I need to re-think all my recipes to make them vegan friendly. Hopefully after exams are over I will have more time to experiment. I am thinking of doing a whole post about my experience with going vegan so far, what do you think of that idea , would it be something you would find interesting? Thanks so much for your lovely comment!

      1. Nice workout routine! And yeah… I bet the no baking part has been a challenge. I didn’t even know there was vegan friendly baking recipes (I don’t know toooo much about it in general, though)! And definitely. I don’t read much about that stuff, but if it was part of your blog – I’d read it 🙂 I’m sure it would be interesting and it would be cool to see what’s good and what’s not!

  2. I really like this idea. I might have to do this on a bulletin board on the wall to get me more motivated. Good luck with no spending! I ‘ve tried and have not been able to not spend on unnecessary things for a whole month. Congrats on going vegan!

  3. Hey! Love this mood board idea! Just wanted to say thanks for checking out WeatherWardrobe. Don’t hesitate to let me know if there’s any particular forecast you’d like me to find an outfit for.
    Esther xox

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