My 10 Steps To Building a New Wardrobe The Smart Way

Style is forever changing and evolving, every single one of us hits a point when either we are bored of our current style or while moving into a new phase of our lives we realize that our style also needs to evolve. So having said all that, I know that changing up your style can be a daunting thing. Well I am here to share with you my 10 Steps of achieving a cohesive new wardrobe no mater what style you are aiming for.

  1. Gather inspiration. Now you have decided to make a change in your style, try and define as much as possible what you want to achieve. Don`t go for “I want a more stylish wardrobe” or ” I want something more work appropriate” . What do those things mean to you? Take your time and create a mood board of your ideal wardrobe. Go on Pinterest and gather photos that you think fit that style. Try making it as cohesive as possible don`t just pick all the outfits you think look good, try thinking back to those first words you thought of when choosing where you want your style to evolve to, would that outfit fit into that style. Take a good look at your finished mood board , does it look like one woman would wear it ? Does it look like what your ultimate inner fashionsita would have as her wardrobe ? If the answer is no, than work on it a bit more until you get there, don`t worry you are in no rush. Changing your style is something that won`t just happen in a days shopping trip, it`s something you will invest money into so why not do it right. If the answer is yes than congrats you have just completed your first step.
  2. Study your style. What I mean by that , is go back to your mood board and try finding any of the pieces that keep pooping up, a great pair of pumps, a cool coat, a great button down, make a list of all the things that you love most from your inspiration. Now try making it a cohesive list don`t pick 5 pairs of shoes and a shirt , try a good pair of printed trousers, a black pair of court shoes, a great fitting white button up etc. Those pieces will be your core pieces.
  3. The clean up. Now the messy bit comes, gather up all your wardrobe from your clothes , accessories, shoes and go through it all. Be as sincere as possible , if you get to the wardrobe in your inspiration would that piece have a place in there? Would it work in any of your inspiration outfits? Just keep in mind that you have to be tough.
  4. The Maybe`s. There are always those things that you love , that great fitting pair of jeans that you have had forever, those shoes that have a bit of hight but are just so dang comfortable. If some of those things aren`t exactly fitting into your ultimate wardrobe but you still don`t have the heart to let them go , make a small section in your closet for them. Now I would say no more then 5 maybe`s, don`t go overboard, with the dress you wore to your first date with your boyfriend that you know is not appropriate anymore. Try using your maybe`s for pieces that are great fitting or good basics that you have invested in, no sentimental pieces allowed. Now your maybe pieces if after 3 months of experimenting and growing your new style you haven`t worn  a piece it`s time to let it go , it just isn`t for the new you.
  5. Evaluate what you have. Look at the wardrobe you are left with, where is your wardrobe lacking? Do you need more bottoms, or you don`t have any coats left? Make a list of where you need to add to.
  6. Make a plan. This new wardrobe of yours is something you will grow with time, you don`t need to get there in the next 3 days, but in the mean time make a game plan of what you need to get for now. Make a budget, a realistic one, yes this is something you will need to invest in but don`t go overboard with it. Like I said, you want to do it right and that takes time. Also take a look at the two list you made of the pieces that most stood out to you from your inspiration outfits, and your list of needed pieces. If in your inspiration you wrote down a great quality work bag and after clearing out your wardrobe you got rid of all your work bags, than a new bag is something you will need ASAP. Also try putting your list in a bit of an order of your most needed pieces.
  7. Research. This is something I try to do as much as possibly especially before I go shopping. Since I do prefer to try things on, I like to shop in stores but I also try and do as much research before hand. All the shops I do most of my shopping from have a great online store as well, so I like to look through all their selection and when I go into stores I have a good idea of what I want to get. Also if lets say I am looking for a new coat I like to first check out the online store where I have all their options and see there what I like most, since each store doesn`t usually carry all the items.
  8. Shopping!!!!!! Yes it has finally come, the moment you get to do your shopping. My tips for this step are;
  • try and stick as much as possible to your shopping list and try and avoid the impulse purchases.
  • Also try and keep in mind how you will wear each piece.
  • Especially in the beginning you will want to get the pieces that are most versatile, your basics essentially.
  • Don`t compromise, if you aren`t finding the perfect work bag let`s say, don`t just get something that is ok for the sake of getting something. You are aiming for your ideal wardrobe and there is no compromising there.
  • You also won`t get everything you need in one shopping trip so don`t try to. Only buy what you love and can see yourself in. 

9.Mix & Match. Bring your haul back home and try to get as many outfits as possible out of your new pieces. Don`t take the tags off yet. Try the outfits on. If you find that you have a piece that doesn`t really fit in don`t be afraid to take it back. Also this step will give you a better idea of what else is missing that you didn`t really notice before.

10.Grow it. Like I said a thousand time in this post. Don`t go crazy in the beginning and try to get everything all at once. After you get your core wardrobe try and live with it first. Make a monthly budget for new cloths, maybe a bit bigger in the first couple of months and then just for fun things you love. Go back shopping when you have some time and if you happen to stumble upon something you love get it. After you feel happy with your core wardrobe it`s time to add all those fun things that add some style and fun into your wardrobe.


13 thoughts on “My 10 Steps To Building a New Wardrobe The Smart Way

  1. I love the cleaning out part! You find all the great stuff and all the not so great stuff. It’s fun to see how you grow with your style. I need to def study too before I shop, or I come back with really random stuff.

  2. Agree with you completely for doing research before hand and get an idea of what i am looking for this way i also get to know the current trends. Mix n Match is the new style saver. I love mixing things around.Wonderful way to revamp.

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