Makeup Revolution Beyond Flawless Palette Review (with swatches)

Hey there, thank you for stopping by, for todays post I have an exciting review for you. I am a huge fan of drugstore makeup and if I manage to find a product I love at a drugstore price as oppose to high end I really don`t care what brand it is. But if I am honest the one area that I stick with high end only is eyeshadow palettes, even thou a palette might not be the cheapest thing I feel like if you have one or two really good quality palettes with some strong shades you are good to go. Still as a makeup junky I was chomping at the bits to see if there is something out there that I will love for a drugstore price. 



What drew me to this particular palette was the color selection, as far as the shades go I might go as far as saying this would be my ultimate palette. I love pinky taupe shades with some neutrals thrown in there as well.

You can get Makeup Revolution on their website , also I think in the UK you and get them in store from Superdrug and I am fairly sure that for you us people you can find them at Ulta. Their 32 shades palettes cost 8£/15$.



Texture wise most of the shades have a very creamy texture that does make it apply nicely but they also crease very easily, mostly the matte shades are the more powdery ones that do have a bit of kick back. I also want to add that they swatch nicer than they apply on the eyes, so keep that in mind.

Talking of matte shades, one huge drawback for me is that there are only three matte shades in this palette, while the rest are full on shimmers.Something else that is missing from this palette is a good highlight shade, there are a few light shades but unfortunately none of the show up especially on the eyes.


The shadows apply best with a finger rather than a brush , they also blend quite well but they tend to mix together quickly and if you try doing some nice transitions it will last for half an hour at most after that they all mix together and look like one big block of color.

I know I have been quite negative in this review but I have to say there are a couple of shades in there that I do like mixing with my other shadows. The rows that begin with Sand Dune, Mineral and Espresso are my favorites. The shimmery shades especially I love and have nothing similar in my other palettes. The two matte shades in there Sand Dune and Brunette are pretty but they don`t really show up, or you need to work a loot to get them to show up.




ground brown- bronze-chestnut-light caramel




immaculate-spice-pug-bare pink


teddy-wholemeal-brunette-sand dune


cocoa-sepia-cookie dough-mineral




blackest-nightfall-stone grey-warm grey

My final toughs are that I would save up a bit more money and invest in a Too Faced or Urban Decay palette in stead. Having it already I do use it from time to time mainly for those shades I have mentioned but they do require some work and the lasting power is significantly worse. If you too have this palette let me know your toughs, or if there are any Makeup Revolution products you like and would recommend. Thanks for stopping by I will see you again on Friday with a different post that I hope you will enjoy!

11 thoughts on “Makeup Revolution Beyond Flawless Palette Review (with swatches)

  1. It was really interesting to read this post. I’m personally a massive fan of thus palette, but perhaps we have different skin/lid types? You are so right that there isn’t a brow highlight colour – it seems odd to me that the palest colours are mattes rather than shimmers! And there are a few colours I’ve learned to avoid as they look totally different on the lid to the colour in the pan (a couple of the paler pink shimmers and goldy shimmers). They are quite prone to melting into each other on the lid, as you say, but I tend to use just a couple of contrasting colours and use the blend in between to give other shades in between so it doesn’t bother me too much!

  2. Ooh this looks like it could be a great palette. I reviewed the original Flawless palette a while ago on my blog and mostly found that the swatches looked great, but that the pay off on my lids was very different. But just from the swatches I think this looks like it could be a MUR palette I would like to try.

  3. I saw this in my local drugstore literally yesterday and I had mixed feelings about purchasing it! It looks great but after a longing look I left without buying it! After reading this I’m glad I did not buy it! Great honest review!
    ❤️Rhi xx

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