Morning&Evening Skincare Routine (Updated)

The older I got and the more I learned about makeup and beauty the more I understood the importance of good skin and subsequently of good skincare. I now put skincare first when it comes to my beauty spending, I am a huge believer that the best foundation is good skin. I am always trying new things in therms of skincare but right now I feel like I have a pretty good routine going and my skin has been very happy with it so I thought I would share with you what products I have been using.

Now I have to start with a bit of background on my skin, I have dry and dehydrated skin, I do still get a few breakouts here and there but my main concerns are improving my skin`s texture and hyper-pigmentation.



My evening cleansing has two different steps to it, firstly as soon as I get home I remove my makeup with a micellar water. Right now I am using this one by Nivea but my favorites are the Garnier Micelar for dry/sensitive skin (pink lid) and the classic Bioderma (again the pink lid) I feel like these are best for my dry skin and don`t dry it out even more. My next cleanse comes before bed when I use this Khiel`s Ultra Facial Cleanser , I really love this cleanser and if you have uber sensitive skin I recommend you try this out. It`s such a no fuss no nonsense cleanser , it has no scent it`s very gentle but still does a great job of clearing all makeup and junk from my skin and pores.

In the morning I don`t use a cleanser I just wash my face with water and move on to toning and moisturizing.



The toner I use both morning and night is the Mario Badescu Glycolic Acid Toner, I am a huge believer in acid toners and chemical exfoliation. I also want to try the Pixi Glow Tonic as soon as I finish this one , because the Pixi one has an even higher concentration of acid.

Evening Hydration


For the evening I start by mixing a pump of this Argan Oil that I got from Morocco and four drops of the cult favorite Kiehl`s Midnight Recovery Concentrate. I know many are scared of using oil especially those that already have a oily skin type but even for you I think the Kiehl`s would be amazing just skip the Argan Oil. I find that the argan oil makes my skin so much softer in the morning and I even wake up with a bit of a glow which never happens with my dry dull skin.  In this step I try to listen to my skin and change things up according to how it is feeling so I sometimes give it a break from the argan oil and sometimes I add this Hydraphase moisturizer by La Roche-Posay the rich version, I don`t have much to say about this product it isn`t anything special but it does it`s job and it hasn`t made me break out.

Morning Hydration


In the morning I start with another oil by Kiehl`s, the Daily Reviving Concentrate, it has a lovely citrus scent that works great in the morning and I also find that the oil gives my skin a beautiful glow.My morning moisturizer is the Avene Hydrance Optimale Rich , first of all this moisturizer comes with a SPF of 20 which I like because I don`t need to also have a separate SPF in my routine , also I like how soft this makes my skin it`s almost like a primer in the finish it gives my skin.



Now for the fun little add-ons in my routine , I will start off with the exfoliater I use, the Kiehl`s Epidermal Re-Texturizing  Micro-Dermabrasion , it is quite a pricey little guy but it`s so worth it. Firstly I use a small amount once or twice a week so it will last me a good year I would say, but what makes it different from other scrubs is how fine the scrubing particles are, it really has completely changed my skin`s awful texture. Next is another price little bugger that I am so in love with, the Kiehl`s Hydra-Plumping Re-Texturizing Serum Concentrate. I finally reached the conclusion that my skin is more dehydrated than dry and that is a bit of an issue in that there are much fewer treatments targeting dehydration but honestly this guy has the biggest impact on my skin. I usually use it in the mornings that I use my scrub and whenever I feel like my skin is in need of something extra. Honestly if it wasn`t so expensive I would use it every day. My last extra are masques the one I have here is again by Kiehl`s, the Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque , I use this once every week or every other week on my T-zone it`s ok nothing like those crazy Asian ones that peal off with all the junk in your pores, those look really satisfying. I also really like the Sephora Masques especially the Pearl Sheet Masque for giving hydration and a glowing finish to my skin.

Well thank you for stopping by and reading todays post, I also want to add that this post is in no way sponsored by Kiehl`s I know it might look that way but I just love their products, I pretty sure they don`t even know who I am, but hey Kiehl`s if you are reading this I am very much up to a collaboration I am always open in being paid in Hydra-Plumping Serum. See you again on Friday and if you want to be notified of my new posts how about subscribing? Wink, Wink!

17 thoughts on “Morning&Evening Skincare Routine (Updated)

  1. I have micellar water at home too but I haven’t been using it. I think should take a tip from you and use it as soon as I get home after home work.
    I am yet to try any Kiehls products but they sound so amazing! Especially the MRC.

  2. Thanks for the like on my most recent exfoliator post!!! I checked out your blog, followed you, and hope you follow back because it looks like we have a lot of the same interests!! I will be checking for updates, love the advice you gave in this post. I’m looking for more of an update myself.

  3. I never tried anything from Kiehl’s now I will remember products you use to check them out in a store when I have opportunity)

  4. I have an oily T zone but the rest of my face is dry! Ughhh so frustrating!! I have heard a ton about Kiehls! Maybe it is time to try them out.

  5. The only thing I have tried from Kiehl’s is their avocado eye cream which I loved and was my staple for last winter. I have heard magnificent things though about their range so will check it out! 🙂

    Btw, totally agree with you about putting skincare first in your beauty spending!

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