My Top Spring 2016 Trends & How To Incorporate Them

I am not one to dress according to trends, I have my own style , but as a lover of fashion what I do enjoy is keeping up with each season`s trends and see which of them will compliment and even add to my own style. So in gathering inspiration for my own new spring wardrobe I decided to share a post with my favorite trends for this upcoming season. Hope you enjoy!

That 70`s Groove

spring trends

The 70`s are back in a big way, I know the boho look comes back now and again but this season more than ever I have been noticing so many prints and cuts reminiscent of true 70`s style. I for one will be incorporating a few pieces starting with some flared jeans , yes you heard me right, a few years ago I wouldn`t be caught dead in some flares but that`s how fashion works. Plus I do find that for my silhouette they are, dare I say, even more faltering than skinny jeans. Also I love the zig-zag dress I included above , it will definitely find it`s way into my spring wardrobe and I am sure it will soon become my go to dress for going out both in the day time with a pair of flats or in the evenings with a pair of simple healed sandals (those very minimalistic ones with two simple straps) or even some more practical wedges!

From left to right- Wrap Dress from Zara price 69.90$  – Zig Zag dress from Zara price 49.99$Denim Skirt from price 48$

The New Romantics

spring trends1

Flowing fabrics, in soft colors with a bit of lacyness is my springtime fantasy. I love this soft feminine look for spring and I am in luck because this spring it`s everywhere. My go to everyday look for spring will be one of these lacy soft flowy tops with a pair of simple blue jeans and some sandals and I am already thinking of picking this beautiful lacy dress (the last on the right) as my Easter dress.

From left to right- Polka dot flowing top from price 77$ Long Robe Shirt from Zara price 99.90$Lace Dress price 88$

Spanish Flare

spring trends2

Another trend I am thrilled with , again because it suits both my curvy silhouette and my dark hair  is this Spanish inspiration look. Not to mention I am always a fan of strong red shades , lace and body hugging dresses. I am already thinking if there is any event I can justify buying this gorgeous red dress for.

From left to right- Floral Embroidered dress from price 128$Red Lace Dress from For Love And Lemons via price 457$Red Top with Frills from price 88$


spring trends3

This trend is a tricky one for me , I include in this boudoir trend  both these super popular slip dress as well as the whole silky pajama style. As you can see I have not included in my top pieces any of the pajama looking tops and trousers that seam to be everywhere right now. The reason for that is that to be honest, my opinion on them is that they still look like you walked out of the house without changing out of your pajamas. Now as for the slip dresses I do like them but at least for me they can go into way to sexy territory. I for one am quite short so no dress in the history has been too short on me but I have seen instances where these style of dresses were cut extra short for normal height people. I will also wear them mostly on nights out, maybe with a leather jacket on top that I can later take off.

From left to right- Black Slip Dress from price 29$ – Nude Lace Cami from price 30.50$ Satin Slip Dress from Band of Gypsies via price 59$

There you go these have been some of my favorite trends for this upcoming season, hopefully you got some inspiration for your own spring wardrobe! I`ll be back on Sunday with an exciting new post and announcement see you then!

16 thoughts on “My Top Spring 2016 Trends & How To Incorporate Them

  1. Hey! Loved this post and really inspired me for the one I’m writing.. Ps. How do you get the pics and lay them out like that!? I don’t know if that makes any sense. xx

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