My Top Spring Nail polishes

Hey you, welcome back to the blog, there`s something I must confess, this winter really took a tool on my mood so with spring finally here I am more than ecstatic. And with that you will be seeing quite a few spring themed blog posts in the coming weeks. I hope you are just as excited as I am by the new season and you won`t mind some spring overload on the blog. Today`s post will be dedicated to my spring nail wardrobe. I love nail polishes and I am quite picky with them so I thought I would share with you eight of my go to shades for this spring. 


I am an open lover of the Rimmel 60 Seconds nail-polishes , but I have to admit the Sally Hansen polishes have become my new favorites. I love their color selection (especially in the nudes category) and I can always trust the formula to be easy to apply and long lasting.

  1. The first shade I chose is nr. 230 All Chalked Up, I have mentioned before my love for Ciate Sugar plum, a shade I got in one of their Christmas Advent calendars and that I couldn`t find again. I tried so many similar shades but non really compared. Well I am happy to announce that this little beaut is finally the perfect match. It`s a beautiful pastel lilac that just screams spring. The one thing I have to mention is that this shade is from the Miracle Gel line so it needs a top coat to get a nice shiny finish.
  2. This next shade by Sally Hansen nr. 220 Cafe Au Lait, is the perfect nude shade. At least on my skin tone this is one of those shade that makes your fingers look nice and long and slim (you know what I mean or am I the only one who looks for that?)
  3. Now this final Sally Hansen shade, nr. 374 Mauve Along, has been on my nails for the past three weeks, which is unheard of. It is honestly my ideal shade, a darker nude with a purpley/ taupe  undertone. If there was one nail shade I would recommend you go out and buy it is hand`s down this one.


Now for an oldy but a goody the Rimmel 60Seconds nail-polishes, the reasons I love these are countless but what I will say is that the price is amazing, the formula is solid for most shades and the color selection is pretty good as well.

  1. The first shade I chose, nr.498 Rain Rain Go Away,  might not be the most sprigy of shades but again it`s so  up my taupe alley. This shade is a bit more gray than my previous taupe nail shade and a lot cooler in undertone but it`s such an awesome and different type of neutral polish.
  2. Now if the previous polish wasn`t spring enough for you this next one will definitely tick all your boxes, nr.203 Lose Your Lingerie. It is that perfect soft ballerina pink with a pearly finish. This is my go to shade for when I am feeling super girly but I must admit it isn`t a shade I wear too often.


Ciate is not a brand I purchase from often, but I do get their yearly advent calendars and I am never disappointed by neither the color selection nor formula. The two shades I chose are both in the blue family one is a gorgeous minty shade with a blue undertone, nr.104 Pepperminty, while the other is a beautifully rich grayish blue, that looks super stylish on the nails, nr.147 Chinchilla.

White nails are something I really like in the spring/ summer when I have a bit of a tan going on, my main problem though is that you really need to build white polishes in order to get a nice opaque application. I have yet to find that miracle two coat white polish but this one by OPI, Fluffy Bunny is the best I have tried so far, it needs three or four coats which I think is acceptable for a full on white shade.

Thank you so much for reading todays post, I would love to hear what some of your favorite nail polishes are for this spring and why. Hopefully I will see you again of Friday with my March Favorites!

15 thoughts on “My Top Spring Nail polishes

  1. Great colour selection! I have yet to try Sally Hansen but I recently purchased new nail polishes from Essie for the first time, also in very similar colours (nudes and a mint green). 🙂

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