February & March Favorites

Another month, another favorites post! Welcome back to the blog, or if you are new around here, welcome, I hope you check out some of my other posts, and if you enjoy them you might even subscribe to be notified of any new content. Well enough shameless self promo let`s get to the products I have been loving lately. Enjoy!



My first makeup favorite is the Makeup For Ever Ultra HD Concealer 27$ (shade Y21). This is an under eye concealer, it is very creamy almost watery in texture which works great on my extremely dry eye area. The first thing I loved about this concealer is the shade selection, they offer both yellow undertone as well as pink undertone shades and the color range goes from super light to quite dark. I for one have a very light complexion, right now I need to add white  drops to my foundation ( which is the lightest shade they produce). So I already find it hard enough  finding a good face concealer shade, let alone a shade I can use as an under eye highlight as well.  Also, as I have mentioned before, my eye area can be quite dry and this works really well at not drawing attention to it. One word of warning though, if you have an oily eye area already, this might not be for you even if you set it with a powder.


For my second favorite I chose a cult favorite, MAC Velvet Teddy 17$. I finally caved and got it and it has quickly become a staple in my everyday makeup routine. I won`t talk too much about it, since I know it`s been talked about enough on the blogosphere, but what I will say, is that if you want a great every day browny nude that works on basically any complexion you should at least give this baby a go.


I am a self proclaimed lip gloss hater, I can`t really stand any lipglosses except for these. The Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfectors 25$ are another one of those cult favorite product that actually deserves it`s fame.The texture of this product is very light just like a stick lip balm. while still giving a glossy look to the lips. Last month I added this new shade to my little collection nr6  and it has honestly become my new favorite. I usually use these over a lip liner or a lipstick but this one I have been liking on it`s own. The shade is a nice neutral browny nude that compliments brilliantly my natural lip color.



If you read my last blog post (My Top Spring Nail Shades), than this pick might not be a surprise to you, after how much I raved about it in there. Now if you have not read that post, I would firstly recommend you do, and secondly I will have to tell you that this nail polish is the bomb dot com (do the kids still say that these days?). I love nail polish and wearing one shade for three weeks straight is unheard of. The Sally Hansen polish in Mauve Along 6,59$ is probably my perfect nail polish; the shade is a mauvey/taupy nude shade that looks super stylish and flattering on the nails, plus the formula is very easy to apply and it lasts over a week without chipping.



I have been lusting over the silver mirrored Dior So Real sunglasses for almost a year now and when I finally convinced myself to go through with it and get them I discovered how unflattering they were on my face. Still I loved the attitude they gave and I wanted to find something that would replicate that, but still be a flattering shape on my face. I discovered these on ASOS.com and immediately fell in love with them. They are the Spitfire Cyber Glasses 45$ and they are the coolest pair of glasses I own. They are exactly what I wanted plus I have never been stooped so much by strangers to ask about an item.



Pretty sure I am the last person on earth to jump on board, but back in February I discovered the Serial Podcast and I was hooked immediately. If you have not heard of Serial, it is a podcast that looks into the death of Hae Min Lee a highschool student , and the story of how Adnan Syed was convicted of this crime. I completely recommend giving it a try, either on your commute to work or in the gym, it really is fascinating and a great piece of both entertainment and investigative journalism.




Since going vegan I discovered so may delicious new treats and foods that I never would have found before. But out of all, these Dark Chocolate Deserts by Alpro , are hands down my favorite. My new favorite treat is chopping a banana some strawberries and adding one of these on top, it is honestly delicious plus guilt free since these things are only 118 cal. I now always have a stash of these in my fridge.

Those were the things I have been loving lately. I would also love to hear what products you have been loving lately, so feel free to leave me a comment and talk about theme or if you too have done a monthly favorites post leave me your link and I will definitely check out your post. I will see you again on Sunday with a new blog post.

15 thoughts on “February & March Favorites

  1. Oh, that Alpro dessert at the end definitely caught my eye! I’ll have to keep a look out for it next time. I love Alpro soy milk, and recently bought their natural plain yoghurt to try, so I’m surprised I haven’t come across this until now!

  2. Have you tried MUFE’s new HD foundation. It’s one of the only (well, that and Laura Mercier’s Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer) that looks really natural on me. I’ll have to try the concealer that you’re recommending. Also, that chocolate snack looks very good. I want to go out and buy that soon.


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