New Bathroom Inspiration

Theres an exciting new project I have yet to talk about on the blog, WE HAVE BUILT A NEW HOUSE!!!!! By we I mean my family to be more exact. And after all the boring bits like building the actual house we have finally gotten to the exciting part of decorating. I want to start sharing with you the whole process, and this first post is all about my bathroom design. I would love to hear your thoughts, and if you have any ideas or think something isn`t looking quite right pleas leave me a comment and let me know, I really want as much input as possible. Well hopefully this is the first post of many I will be doing on the new house. In a couple of weeks I will be sharing a progress post which will include some photos as well, and maybe in a month or so I will do a final reveal post. I will also be doing a couple of posts on my bedroom design, as well as one on my connecting terrace, but if you enjoy them and want more on the rest of the house let me know and I will definitely do them.

Now a bit about the space I am working with; the bathroom isn`t very big (25o cm by 255 cm which I think is 8.2 ft by 8.4 ft. ) also because of it`s placement, it isn`t very bright especially in the mornings. So I wanted to go for a very light look with mostly white a bit of gray and chrome for the fixtures. I am also a shower person through and through and even though a bath tub would have fit in there I opted for a shower which did save some space, there are other bathrooms in the house that have tubs in case I do get the urge to take an actual bath.

Overall Look

bathroom inspo

The pictures above are a pretty good representation of the feel I am going for. It will be a very light neutral space, quite luxe as well as feminine. The color palette as I have mentioned above will be mostly white with gray touches. Stylistically I am doing a bit of play on modern and classic , for example the lines of the vanity I chose are extremely classic but I plan on painting it a modern gray with blue undertones to offset that, also for the wall tiles I chose a very modern geometric textured tile in a very large rectangle formate which will be balanced by the white marble tiles I am using on the floor.


bathroom inspo1

I don`t have an exact photo of the tile I purchased but these examples should give you a pretty good insight. For the walls I went for a very modern looking tile, something I haven`t really seen before. The tiles have a very interesting texture, I call it, they are made up of little squares which come out at various different levels. The finish is a bit pearly which does wonders of bouncing the light and making the room brighter. I also liked the size of the tiles , they are quite a big rectangle ( 100 cm by 33.3 cm or 3.2ft by 1.1ft) which I think is very modern. I will be installing them with very small grooves which hopefully won`t even be visible. The flooring I knew from the beginning I wanted white marble tiles with gray veining, and as luck will have it I found exactly what I had in mind, well almost, I wanted a square shaped tile but the one I fell in love with was rectangle, but hey we can`t have it all !


bathroom inspo2

Starting off with the vanity, I looked high and low for something similar to the ones I saw in the inspiration pictures but I didn`t find anything that matched up. Finally I stumbled upon this one, now before you start gaging listen to what I am thinking. I liked the lines of it, it`s all natural wood and it`s was quite affordable. Also I had in mind a very specific color I wanted, so my best option to achieve that would be to mix my own paint. The color I want to use is a cool gray with some blue undertones, something quite modern that will offset the style. Also those knobs need to go, Zara Home has some great ones I think I will be going for either the one I included above or a different glass ones.

For the mirror I knew I wanted something very classic and luxurious. I love the look of the mirrored frame on a mirror and this one is exactly what I dream of. The only drawback is the price so I might try and DIY this look on a cheaper mirror.

For the lighting fixtures I am not yet decided on what I want, so if you have any suggestions I would love to hear them. I really liked the look of this Moroccan inspired pendant light but I am not quite sure if it will go with the space.

Like I said if you have any opinions and ideas I would really like to hear from you. Starting from scratch a project like this is extremely exciting but also quite daunting and I find myself doubting every choice I make, so some feedback would really help. Thank you so much for stopping by and I am really excited about these posts and hopefully you enjoy them as well. I`ll see you again on Tuesday for a new beauty post!

16 thoughts on “New Bathroom Inspiration

  1. Congratulations on surviving a house build and reaching the fun part – actually putting the stuff inside the house! I love your inspiration board and am partial to the lower middle image with the zigzag tile. I am not building a home but after putting two children through school I am about to re-do our house and my small bath is first to be updated. I look forward to seeing how your home progresses – thanks for sharing.

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