April Favorites

Welcome back for a very late April Favorites post, still I wanted to share some really awesome products I have been loving this past month. Enjoy!



Avene Hydrance Optimale Moisturizer with SPF 20 20.88$ With spring finally here it was time to get an SPF back in my daily routine. I have been using this moisturizer every morning this past month and have really been loving it. It is quite heavy so it won`t be an option for those with oily skin but if you have normal to dry skin like me you should give it a try. Apart from having the SPF included and a good amount of hydrating power what I love most about it is the finish it gives my skin, it makes my skin super smooth almost how a primer would. As a collage student for my daily routine I like to keep it quick and simple and I like how convenient this product is as a 3 in 1 (moisturizer SPF and primer).

Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch Primer 38$ Now for the days I have the time to really work on my makeup I have really enjoyed this primer by Clarins. I worked a tennis tournament this month and I was out for 12 hours daily so I really needed my makeup to last and this together with my next favorite really helped. This primer also makes your skin smother than anything I have used before and makes any foundation I used go on so flawlessly.

MAC Fix+ 22$ A cult product I know , but I still had to sing it`s praises since it has really been helping me out this month. This little bottle of magic not only made my makeup last longer but it also helped my foundation look less cakey as well as add a beautiful glowy finish to my skin. Definitely a product I will keep repurchasing time and time again.



L`Oreal Infaillible Sculpt Contouring Palette shade 01 Light 12.99$ I know sculpting is loosing its popularity but as a round face gall, this makeup technique makes a huge difference in my makeup routine and I doubt I will give it up. Still I wanted to share the best product for contouring I have found for a drugstore price. To be honest I do mostly use the sculpting shade as for the highlight I don’t really like using it for under my eyes since it is quite drying and it doesn’t sit very nicely on the skin. The contour shade on the other hand I really enjoy. I am pretty sure it`s the only contour shade I have found at the drugstore that has a nice gray undertone that works best for a contour .The cream to powder also makes it very easy to work with even for beginners since it blends like a dream and you can really take it from a very natural contour to quite hardcore by building it up.

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara 8.99$ If you like a volumising mascaras than you need to give this mascara a try, I already was a huge fan of the Maybelline Falsies mascara and of Maybelline mascaras in general but I think this might be my new favorite. I will warn you that this does have a tendency to clump but if you work with it carefully you can avoid that. I also find that a lot of mascaras smudge on me and this really doesn’t`t do that .

Maybelline Affinitone Concealer shade 02 Natural I promises this will be the last time I will speak of this concealer since I know it`s quite hard to find and they also discontinued it in most countries. But when I buy every one I was able to find (I currently own about 8) you know I love a product. I have actually been using it by itself with no foundation both for natural makeup days but also when doing full on glam, I just find that it gives a huge amount of coverage without getting cakey. I also used it for my long days since it lasts so much longer than any of my foundations.



L`Oreal Elseve Nutri-Gloss Luminizer 6.99$  Since going darker with my hair I love getting it super shiny and healthy looking and this hair serum does exactly that. I will start by saying a little goes a long way and at least for me I only need two sprays and I am good. One tip I use when applying this is to spray it on my hand and  then working it in, rather than spraying it directly on my hair.

Bumble and Bumble Pret-a-Powder 27$  I got this product a few years ago actually and to be honest I didn`t really get on with it then, but I tried it again this month and have really been loving it. I think there were a few reasons it didn`t work for me then, the most important being that I tried using it as a full on dry shampoo which it isn`t, at least not for how greasy my hair was back then. Now my hair isn`t as greasy as it was then but I actually use it on the first day after washing my hair to add some texture and get rid of that fluffy look my hair gets immediately after it`s washed. I also find that when I use it on my first day I can go longer without needing to wash my hair. I don`t really like how dry shampoo feels in my hair and I usually wash my hair the same day I use dry shampoo since I find it so uncomfortable but I don`t get that with this product.


Zara Lace Up Wedges 119$ I know this lace up shoes is a huge trend and it has been for a while, but this pair of wedges is something all women need in their wardrobe. Being quite short I have become quite good with heals and ignoring how painful they can be. But this little pair will probably be my go to shoes for this spring/summer, since they have a good amount of height but they are super comfy.

10 thoughts on “April Favorites

  1. I really want to try the L`Oreal Infaillible Sculpt Contouring Palette…I’m using a Barry M one at the moment but find it too orangey, so this one looks perfect! (And at a good price too!). Cool April Favourites post…I was really late with mine as well, and only got round to posting it today too!

  2. Bought the LÓreal one a few days ago in panic because i left all my make up at my sisters house in Sweden, i have not tried it yet, but now i´m really looking forward to it!

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