Light neutrals LookBook (3Looks)

As far as style goes I am a huge believer of the less is more mentality. I  gravitated towards a clean  and stylishly simple wardrobe. That tends to include a loot of neutral colors and to be honest it also includes a whole lot of black. Don`t get me wrong I LOVE black and will continue to do so but in spring and summer I want to get away from it a bit. But as a neutrals lover I exchange if for light shades of blush, greys white and nudes. Still keeping it simple and easy to mix and match but also extremely season appropriate

This first outfit is a great option for daytime dates or a daytime event when you want to be put together but still have it look effortless . I love the addition of the metal bag which gives a subtle edge.light neutral lookbook2

  1. Tank Zara 9.90$ 2.Skirt Topshop  70$ 3. Jacket Zara 69.90$ 4. Booties New Look 41$  5. Bag 110$   6. Necklace Zara 25.90$

My next outfit I see in more of a business environment or for some warm spring evening drinks. It`s very tailored and stream lined which I adore , the mix of colors is still subtle and season appropriate.light neutral lookbook

  1. Trousers Zara 49.90$  2.Top Topshop 80$ 3. Chocker Necklace Zara 25.90$4. Bag Zara 49.90$  5. Shoes 52$

This last outfit is the most casual and young of the three I would wear it on a weekend around town with friend or on a date in the daytime.light neutral lookbook1

  1. Dress Zara 39.90$  2.Jacket Zara 69.90$  3. Bag Zara 39.90$  4. Necklace 25$  5. Shoes Topshop 100$ 6. Glases 23$


6 thoughts on “Light neutrals LookBook (3Looks)

  1. I love these pastels! I have a hard time transitioning out of black as it’s normally my go-to, but the neutral and pastel game has been awesome lately!

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