All Black Summer LookBook

Hy my name is Laura and I am a black addict. I get it`s summer but there are days when all I want to wear is all black. Call me boring or lazy but I find that wearing a monochrome outfit, especially an all black outfit, is a super easy way to look put together with minimal effort. All that being said I know it`s summer and I do try to keep my black addiction under control but I still have a couple go to all black outfits for those days when I just can`t even. Enjoy!!!

summer back lb1

This first outfit is a great example of what I would wear on a day when I had something to do really early in the morning and I got up on the wrong side of the bed. All the pieces are loose and very basic with an athletic feel plus those huge sunnies would cover my face in case I can`t be bothered with makeup.

Top TopShop 35$  Shorts H&M 12.99$ Backpack Sole Society 54.95$ Trainers Zara 69.90$ Sunnies Quai 50$

summer back lb

This next outfit is again something I could quickly throw on without giving it much thought. A simple black  T-shirt dress is something I would recommend everyone have in their wardrobe , in this outfit I paired it with a pair of gold gladiator sandals and a pair of classic Ray Ban Aviators. The jewelry I chose I`m pretty in love with, especially the super simple gold choker which as an enemy of chokers is huge for me to actually find one I like. This outfit I would wear shopping or for a breakfast/ lunch date.

Dress Zara 22.90$ Shoes TopShop 24$ Sunglases Ray Ban 121$ Choker NastyGal 60$ Ring NastyGal 15$

summer back lb3

My last outfit is by far the dressyest, definitely an evening look, I love how bad ass and powerful it looks but still feminine with the lace and subtle sparkle. Another staple piece I think any woman should have in her wardrobe is a pair of black dressy pants, I like the touch of the red stripe in this particular pair which hint hint will also make your legs look slimmer . The lace top is a bit on the short side and with the waist of these trousers it will show a slight sliver of skin which I think would work great if you are wearing it on a date or for drinks but if you are planning to wear this outfit for something more businessy I would opt for a different cami or a pair of trousers that are high-waisted. The only jewelry I ended up adding is this Blair Waldorf inspired headband, it`s definetly not for everyone but I think it would give a slight shimmer and a touch of girlyness to the outfit , again if you want to go for a more profesh look leave it out and wear a nice watch.

Trousers TopShop 30$ Top Zara 22.90$ Shoes NastyGal 78$ Bag Zara 49.90 $ Headband Zara 15.90$

Well that was it, I really hope I am not the only one who still wears all black in the summer, if you are a black addict leave me a comment and let me know how you do it and which of the outfits was your favorite.

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