3 Fall 2016 Trends Spotlight

Fall is fully here now and so is fall fashion. Whilst picking up a few new fall pieces for myself I couldn`t help but notice some of the reoccurring trends for this season. This post includes 3 of my favorite / most popular trends, as well as some tips, tricks and inspiration on how to add them to your own wardrobe. Enjoy!!! 



The first trend that you really can`t escape in any store right now is velvet. If you have any special occasion this fall you really can`t  go wrong with a velvet dress , I especially love the 20`s inspired dresses.Still if you don`t have any special occasions on your calendar but still love the look of this trend and  wish to incorporate it into your outfit I would go with a statement velvet accessory like those gorgeous royal blue booties. If even those look a bit intimidating, how about starting small with a velvet chocker, pair it with a simple white V-neck and some jeans and your good to go. Personally I fell in love with the blush pink body which I already see myself wearing on a date with a simple pair of jeans and court shoes.

skirtminimalist heels jumpsuitthick chocker thin chockergreen dressbodysuitankle bootsbackpackcaptaupe dressT-shirt – thigh high boots



This next trend I needed some getting used to , I fell like animal print comes in and out of fashion but until this season I never really love it. To be honest I fell like leopard print can go very tacky very fast, but if done right you will look like the cool effortless girl everyone wants to be friends with. I`ve only been dipping my foot in the leopard print trend so far with a few accessories. Firstly a belt which I usually wear with a pair of blue jeans and white shirt too give a super basic outfit a bit of something extra and I also got a leopard print scarf that has been a great addition to any of my all black outfits (I wear a loot of black). I also love the look of a pair of boyfriend jeans paired with either a leopard print boot or sneaker. And if you are cooler then me and have the guts to wear a leopard print coat they can look so cool, I would wear it with a nice simple black turtle neck.

sunglassesgrey coatankle bootsneakers bag faux fur coat beaniebeltscarf coat

3.Delicate Lace


Last but not least I am loving delicate lace details this fall. When I say delicate lace I am talking more For Love And Lemons rather than Self-Portrait. This is more of an evening appropriate trend with the lace detail dresses or the silky camies. But what I like doing in order to incorporate it into daytime is showing a hint of lacy undergarment with a chunky knit.

midi dresslong pink camistrappy brablue cami bodylight pink bralong black dressjumpsuit  

Thanks so much for stopping by I hope you got some ideas for spicing up your fall wardrobe with some of the seasons biggest trends. I`ll see you again on Sunday with another post !!!

7 thoughts on “3 Fall 2016 Trends Spotlight

  1. Love all these trends (although I can’t wear velvet as its texture gives me the chills for some weird reason)! My friends tease me on my soft spot for leopard prints so this is my time to shine hehe xx

  2. I have to agree! The velvet trend leaves me scratching my head but I’m a huge fan of fur and leopard!! Thanks for sharing! xoxo

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