My tips for healthy glowing skin Diet/Skincare/Makeup

The most important part of any makeup routine is the base, when your skin looks beautiful the rest of your makeup can really shine. The best base needs to look just like skin and that means a nice glow from within finish, I also feel like a naturally dewy finish  helps anyone look younger and their skin look so much more plump. As someone with dry/dehydrated skin I have struggled with getting my skin and my makeup looking it`s best and I have to say I have tried it all. Some of the tricks I tried along the way have helped and most not so much ,so in this post I want to share my top tips for getting the perfect finish to your makeup.



One of the things I had to learn the hard way when struggling with dry dull looking skin was that above all the skincare and makeup products you use, the most impact on your skin will have changing your diet. Yes you  heard me right that 200$ serum won`t do much for you if you don`t  drink enough water or if you keep on eating so much processed and fatty foods.So apart from cutting down (or out)  on sugar, dairy and processed fatty foods, here are my top tips for improving your skin from within. I have to stress just how important this part is if you really wish to see a real change in your skin`s overall condition.

  1. DRINK YOUR WATER. I know we`ve heard this time and time again and still most of us don`t drink enough water. At least for me this is still an everyday battle and I still have to make it a point for myself to drink more water. What I would suggest is having a bottle of water everywhere with you, that way it`s easily accessible but most importantly seeing it there will remind you to keep on drinking.I try and drink about 2.5 l or 84 oz. every day, or as much as I can.
  2. Start your day with a warm glass of lemon water , the purpose for this is to detox your body. I have read mix comments about this but I fell like at least for me it worked especially when I really got into the habit of doing it every day( it really cleared my acne as well).
  3. Greens are your friends. The darker and more rich the color of your veggies the more nutrients it has. This will not only improve your health immensely but it will also help in keeping the signs of aging at bay and give your skin the true glow from within. The best leafy greens to incorporate are kale, spinach, arugula.



  1. Use an exfoliant. I try to use a scrub once a week and I also use a chemical exfoliant toner daily. The idea being that the more dead skin cells you have left on your skins surface the duller and greyer your skin will look , also this buildup of dead skin cells can cause blocked pors and pimples.
  2. Use a serum for dehydrated skin. Again I really want to stress the importance of using a serum in your skincare routine. Serums are the most concentrated form of treatment for your skin. I know they can be quite pricey ( cuz they use the best and most concentrated ingredients) but they will have a visible impact on your skin.
  3. Treat your skin to a mask . I never used to use masks and  when I started doing them, they really transformed the way my skin looked, felt and most of all how my makeup look on my skin. If you have issues with black heads or you have little bumps on your skin that ruin the way makeup applies you need a charcoal base pore clearing mask, or if you want to give your skin an extra boost you will want to go for a hydrating or brightening mask.




  1. Use a radiance boosting primer. It`s quite self explanatory I know but I fell like not many of use actually use primers and when we do we usually go for the pore reducing ones. I would recommend trying a hydrating or radiance primer like the one from Clarins or Laura Mercier.
  2. Add a few drops of face oil into your foundation. This is a little makeup artist trick that has been working really great on my dry skin. I loving using a golden daytime face oil in my foundation since I feel like it  gives a healthier color and  finish .
  3. Use a finishing spray with glycerin. If at the end of doing your makeup your skin still looks powdery, dry or a bit cakey I recommend using a finishing spray with glycerin. I personally adore the MAC Fix+ but I have also heard great things about the Tatcha one.

A few extra tips

  1. Never and I mean never go to sleep with your makeup on. Your skin needs to breathe and recuperate during the night , sleeping with your makeup on will also clog your pores and increase your chances of getting black heads and spots.
  2. Get your sleep , this period is very important for your skin being the time when it regenerates. Also during sleep your body increases blood flow to your skin and in also produces collagen.

18 thoughts on “My tips for healthy glowing skin Diet/Skincare/Makeup

  1. Great post! I especially agree with your points on diet playing an important role in the health of your skin. I also suffer from dry/dehydrated skin and personally have seen the best results when I drink around 2L of water a day!

    1. I feel like more and more people are discovering a connection between dairy consumption and their acne. This realization that our bodies might not be ok with the consumption of animal products lead me to going plant based. And ever since then my skin did a 180.

      1. My husband has an inflammatory condition and we were looking for ways to decrease inflammation in the body and came across all this information relating dairy to inflammation. We decide to give it up and noticed huge changes.

  2. Great Tips! I have stubborn black heads and tiny bumbs when I apply make-up. I never know when to use certain products such as masks/exfoliants/cleansers! I use a powder foundation with an acne solution included. My skin gets oily because I shower at night! What products would you recommend and how often should I use them?

    1. Hey I will start by saying I am not an expert when it comes to oily skin since I have always had mostly dry skin. Still from what you said in your comment about the black heads and the bumps they are both caused by clogged pores. So first of all I would try and do a pore clearing mask about twice a week ( if you don`t mind the price I would go for the Glam Glow Supermud mask or Loreal have a similar new one that is a cheaper alternative). An exfoliant will help with the bumps as well, use that once or twice a week as well depending on how sensitive your skin is. And a good quality serum that targets acne would also be a good investment, for that I recommend Murad products and they also have really good quality travel kits if you want to try some of their products without breaking the bank.

  3. I’ve found that a quick fix for my acne prone skin is to cut out wheat and dairy (and reduce sugar) — It usually clears up in one week. Unfortunately though I love my dairy too much to sustain this diet 🙂 But it works great before family photos!

  4. Thanks for sharing, agree and very true. I had acne growing up which was attributed partly to diet but stress was also a factor. Eating well and drinking water helps you to radiate from within. Peace and blessings 🙂

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