Zara Leather City Bag Review + What`s in my Uni bag

As far as bags go I am quite loyal to Zara and every fall I get one of their more expensive bags . Last year I did a similar post for another of their bags (click here) that is a great dupe for a Chanel Boy bag (and which they still sell) so I tought I would walk you through my thoughts on this year`s pick as well as show you what I keep in it on a regular day of going to classes. 


The Review

This is a real leather bag which explains the 140$ (link here )price tag. The size is pretty good, it can easily fit my 14″ laptop . It has one large compartment as well as a smaller front pocket which I tought would be great for having easy access to my phone and keys. The color of the leather is what really got me since I didn`t want another black bag I tought this grey with blueish purple undertones would make for a good change while still keeping it neutral. Since it is more of a swede texture I am beginning to see a bit of rubbing on the leather at the back though. The main disappointment  I had when I got the bag  was that it didn`t come with a long strap. For a bag that is marketed as being able to carry a laptop I really think it should come with a shoulder strap especially since the leather wrapped handles even though beautiful they are too small to fit on my sholder and also quite uncomfortable even on my arm. I still went ahead and got the bag and found a sholder strap from my mom which she thankfully wasn`t using. The other drawback I want to mention is the front pocket, it has a magnetic  closure which doesn`t realy hold if you put anything in there it just gapes open.

My final thoughts on the bag :

  • great size
  • love the look of it
  • really happy I can fit my 14″ laptop  in there
  • no shoulder strap
  • the front pocket closure gapes whenever you put anything in there
  • the leather is already starting to rub

Whats in my university/ College bag


As you can see this bag can fit quite a bit especially when you think that apart from the things you see in the photo above I also fit a couple of notebooks as well.


Firstly for my work necessities I keep a folder with some blank paper as well as any assignments or worksheets I need. Also I like to have a pencil-case  since I like to keep organized and have a bunch of colored pens as well as some regular pencils, this is a very simple brown leather one


I do also keep a small makeup bag in there for any touch ups on those long days. I keep a powder which also has my mirror , my favorite Maybelline Afinitone Concealer and two lip product : my fav go to lip pencil shade the Make Up For Ever Aqua Lip in shade 3C  and a balm the Givenchy Le Rouge Perfecto.


Of course I need to have my wallet ( this is a Chloe one) as well as my keys which are attached to a key pouch from Michael Kors where I keep my subway pass. Lately I have also been keeping a umbrela since it has been very rainy here in Bucharest  and I love how tiny this H&M one is.


For fuel I always have with me a bottle of water and a power bar as well as some gum.  On the days I have 8 am classes I also take a coffee travel mug and if I have a longer day and I know I will not have time to grab something in town I will take some more food with me.


For the last few bits I always  keep my glasses case in there if my eyes get tired . I always have this small Moleskin notebook  and ever since I got this gorgeous Moleskin IPad cover that has an attachable notebook  I have been taking it with me everywhere as well.

I hope you found my little review helpful and you didn`t get too bored by my what`s in my bag , I wanted to include it to show how I personally use the bag and also because I love those type of posts myself. I`ll see you again on Sunday with a new favorites post for October.

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