October Favorites

I don`t know about you but I am so happy October is over, this past month was extremely busy for me with my last year of college starting and getting back to blogging, still I am glad I survived it. Now let`s check out the stand out products of this past month Enjoy!!!!



Starting off with a hair product, the Wet brush-pro Shine  12.99$, this is my second Wet Brush.I really enjoyed using the classic version but to be honest I didn`t really use it on wet hair. So when I went to repurchase it and saw this version , which is marketed as also being great in combination with dry shampoo (I definitely use a loot of that), I went for it. I don`t know if it makes my hair shinier but the smaller bristles definitely make it smoother and mange frizz.

I also have a skin care favorite that really saved my skin now that the weather turned so cold all of a sudden. The Glam Glow Thirsty Mud Mask (22$), is ideal for any of you that struggle with dry dehydrated skin. I usually put it on in the evening after I use a scrub and by the morning my skin is so smooth and hydrated. It will be a staple for this cold season.

For my two makeup favorites I chose the Hoola Bronzer by Benefit (15$) which although a hugely popular product I only recently tried it and has been in my daily routine ever since. Also for the days I want a super natural and quick makeup look I have been enjoying this lipstick from Chanel in the shade 90 Mutine (37$). The formula is a Coco Shine so very comfortable on the lips and also super easy to reapply through the day. The shade is a nice sheer pinky nude that pretty much suits any makeup look.



You can tell I am fully in my fall wardrobe now by my two style picks, Firstly I chose this leopard Print Zara scarf (25.99$) that I have been wearing a ton lately especially if I am wearing an all black outfit. My second style pick is this pair of coated jeans from Mango, I don`t really feel comfortable in leather trousers but I like the look of them so a pair of coated jeans are the perfect thing for me. This pair fits exceptionally well, being 5 ft. 2 I always need to tailor my trousers  but this pair end nicely at my ankle and the zips make them so flattering.



I have been wanting a new Ipad case for so long now and when I saw this Moleskine one it was everything I dreamed of and so much more. The quality is outstanding it looks so beautiful and classic and it is so practical. I have been taking it to classes with me and loving it.


I am an organization freak on any day of the week but with school starting back up and getting back to blogging three times a week I have really kicked it up a notch and these weekly planner pad and to do list have been such a huge help.



I started watching Downton Abbey from the beginning probably back in July and this month I sadly finished it. I have to say I enjoyed it immensely , and dreaded finishing it but still I have now made peace with not having any more episodes to watch. Honestly I would totally recommend watching it no matter if you are interested in period shows or not.


Now for a show that just stared, and I am so excited for, it`s called Pitch and follows the first woman major league player. I admit I know nothing about baseball and actually find it quite confusing but I am interested in learning more. Now if you hear sports and immediately skip over because you don`t think you will like it, I would still give it a try, it has a loot more to it than just baseball .



The movie favorite I chose for this month is the new Jungle Book movie. A bit of a departure from the original story line , I loved the visual aspect of it. The actor playing Mowgli did an amazing job and I also loved that they kept the original soundtrack. If you are feeling a bit nostalgic or if you just want to watch a beautiful film I would totally recommend it.

8 thoughts on “October Favorites

  1. The Hoola is one of my favourites too! I’ve watched some of Dawton Abbey and love it but I wanna watch it all so might get the box set for Christmas 🙂 Great post xx

  2. Downton Abbey is one of my all time favorite shows and I was so upset for a good week once I finished watching it. If you enjoy historical dramas I would highly recommend trying out Timeless!! Really great show. Loved this post! 🙂

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