Givenchy Le Rouge Perfecto Review

Ever since my Haul post a couple of weeks back when I first talked about this product I got quite a few comments from you guys wanting to know my thoughts on it. The Givenchy Le Rouge Perfecto was launched around the end of June and is marketed as a 3 in 1 product with promises to plump moisturize and give color to the lips. Now let`s get into the nitty-gritty of this review, enjoy!


Overview & Promises

The Givenchy Le Rouge Perfecto retails for 36$ definitely not cheep if you think of it as a lip balm, even it`s closest competitor the Dior Lip Glow is 3 $ less with a retail price of 33$. Still after doing my research I did come to the conclusion that this product is still unique in the extremely busy market of lip products. I mentioned the Dior Lip Glow which at first glance is really quite similar since they are both lip balms with an active ingredient which adjusts colors according to the skins Ph . There are more products out there which either combine a lip balm with a tint or a lip balm with plumping abilities but this product promises to do all 3 and quite a bit more.



I won`t beat around the bush, and tell you that the first thing that stood out to me was the packaging. I had been wanting a lip balm / easy to apply lip product to keep in my bag and when I saw this one I knew I had to have it. The design is absolutely stunning as you can see in the pictures and the quality in real life is also top-notch (I mean for how much it costs it better be). The metal casing has a nice weight to it, which gives it that luxe feeling and even the shade of pink of the leather feels perfectly picked to be feminine but still classy , with a not of young effervescence but somehow you can still imagine it being used in the 20`s by a glamorous actress.One downfall of the packaging is that you will need to be carefull with it not to have it in the bottom of your bag or rubbing against something dark or it will get ruined. With mine I left it in the inner pocket of a darker suede bag and it did rub a bit of the darker color on it, since then I only keep it in my makeup bag which has a light cotton lining.


Active Ingredients & What they do

Shea butter is the active ingredient that takes care of moisture, but more than that this balm contains Hyaluronic Acid Spheres which blur fine lines and will supposedly  make the lips visibly smother. In my experience with using this balm I did notice a smoother look to my lips once I had it on and even though it hydrated my lips when applied I do struggle with dry lips so at least for me it doesn`t give all the moisture I need so at night I use a heavyer balm.

For the plumping effect this product utilizes both chili extract as well as an active ingredient extracted from menthol. It does give a tingling sensation but it isn`t unconfortable at all, and the plumping effect is actually quite visible. Didn`t expect anything too drastic, but for a plumping lip balm I was pleasantly surprised.

The ingredient responsible for the coloring according to your Ph levels is called Eosin. Now unlike the Dior Lip Glow or other tinted lip balm this product only comes in one shade (at least for now). It is a very natural looking light pink shade but even with tiny variations caused by different Ph levels this balm will always be a shade of pink. If you are not a pink person ( I would still give it a chance in the store) than you still might not like it.


My final thoughts

The scent is a bit minty, as far as lip balms go it is quite long lasting, up to a few hours you can feel it on the lips and they also keep the plumping effect as well. The application is extremely easy you really don`t need a mirror, and as far as the shade goes I feel like it is universally (quite) flattering. I know there are women out there who stay away from pinks and even nudes but it honestly is a very easy product and shade to wear for any skintone or makeup look.

This product is all in all a glorified lip balm with a hefty price tag , still I adore it and would definitely repurchase it. I think that if you are a lover of natural makeup, the kind that might not look too impressive but somehow manages to make you look like the prettiest version of you,Or if you are a makeup addict and love all the science and ingredients that went into making it, or if you wear barely any makeup at all . I really do think there are so many reasons why this product is worth a try, and last but not least JUST LOOK AT IT, imagine taking that out of your bag to touch up your makeup, at least for me it makes me feel so feminine and it`s a treat every time. A total princess product!


Well I hope you found this review helpful if you have any more questions leave them in the comments and I will definitely answer them. I will see you again for our regularly  scheduled Fashion Friday post, see you then!

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