November MoodBoard

It`s pretty crazy if you think that we are only two month away from 2017, I honestly don`t know where 2016 went. November is one of my least favorite months and I am honestly most looking forward to it ending so we can move on to December and the holiday season. Still I don`t want to be grumpy through this month so I wanted to compile some of the things that are getting me excited for this month. It is a shorter list than usual but it`s still better than nothing. Enjoy

No Buy November


Starting with something not at all exciting, I will be putting a ban on all non necessary spending. What that means is that I won`t be buying any clothes or makeup and I will also try to cut down on all my spendings in general. With the holidays coming I feel like it`s better to start saving now and not stress about it in December and actually enjoy all that the holidays have to offer.

Amazing TV Remakes

This month two of my all time favourite shows are coming back!!!! First we have the cult favorite Gilmore Girls, a show that really shaped my younger self and also one I can keep on rewatching since the dialogue is so amazing it never gets old. If you have not seen this show , I could not recommend it more to you no matter how old you are or what genre of tv you enjoy, this charming little show will definitely capture your heart.


Now for a less known show for my international readers. I don`t know if you had ever heard before of this next british car show named Top Gear. Yes you read it right I did say car show and no I don`t know much about cars or care too much about them, but Top Gear was so much more than that. The show was all about the three men behind it , the three presenters of the show who must be some of my all time favorite people. If you are a fan of british humor or just a fan of witty , a bit self deprecating as well as culturally up to date humor this show is for you . This amazon remake looks to me like it`s taking all the best bits from the previous BBC show (starting with it`s presenters) and skipping all the more boring parts ( like the car reviews).

Outfit Inspo for November


When compiling my outfit inspiration for this month I noticed a very peculiar lack of black. So apparently I might be moving away from my regular fall uniform of all black and gravitating more towards earthy tones and even , dare I say it pops of color? I definitely will be trying , unless I have 8 am classes than you will definetly find me in a pair of black-coated jeans an oversized black/ navy knit and a grey coat.

Makeup Inspo For November


To be honest I haven`t been that into my makeup lately and I feel like for fall my go to easy way out is a bold dark berry lip that makes even the most simple makeup look seem put together. So for this month I will be going for a flawless, glowy  looking skin (I never like a matte look) with little to no eyeshadow , lots of lashes and a dark berry lip (my go to is MAC Rebel).

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