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I am so excited to finally be doing this post, a few months back I told you about how we were building a new family home and I also did an inspiration post for my new bathroom (link here). Designing a whole bathroom from start to finish is an exciting experience but also a daunting and scary one as well. I have to say I absolutely love the final result, although I did worry at times if I was making the right decisions and I did switch/ add some things during the process.The overall look is modern, feminine and very light and bright. I hope you like the finish product and let`s get to it!


Starting off with the floor tiles , which I knew from the beginning I wanted white marble. I was quite happy when I found these, even though I wanted a square tile and these turned out to be rectangular the actual marble pattern was exactly what I had envisioned. One of the drawbacks of having mostly white floor tiles is that my dark hair is so visible on it, so I have to basically sweep up every day or two.


When you first come in to the bathroom on the right I have my shower. As I mentioned in the inspiration post , I am not a bath girl, we have a couple of bath tubs in some of the other bathrooms and I have never used them. I just like to be quick and a shower is so much more practical, plus I kind of get bored in a tub and I never seem to be able to relax. Since the size of the bathroom allowed we went for a nice large shower with a triple fold sliding door. I love how amazing the heated floor that is even in the shower feels when you shower especially in the mornings.

I did end up going for a rain shower head, which is my little indulgence ( worth every penny). Next to that we installed a very practical rack to keep all the shower products.


Now for the less glamorous toilet area , I don`t really have much to say here.  One of the things I did end up adding once the bathroom was done, were a couple of accents of natural materials like this wicker laundry basket. I noticed that the bathroom felt a little cold and I thought that adding some of these touches would both fill the space a bit more as well as add some warmth.


An overview of the room , as you can see , straight in front of the door I have my vanity , on the right side of the door is the shower and a little tower rack (which I will be talking more about later) and the toilet is basically in front of the vanity area (I am actually standing on it to take this photo).


Also in my inspiration post I have a photo of how this vanity used to look, I did end up painting it myself which was the most stressful part of the whole project to be honest. The color ended up a bit more turquoise than the grey I had in mind, which in the end was a blessing in disguise since it does brighten up the space a bit more and it makes it more of a focal point.


I was so happy to have found this mirror frame which went so well with the geometrical texture of my wall tiles. From this photo you don`t really get the scale , but it is quite a big mirror about 1m wide and 2m tall, which again makes the whole vanity area the focal point of the room.


In this close up you get a better idea of what I call geometrical texture of both the mirror frame as well as the tiles.


Sorry this photo is a bit darker I just wanted you to see the details of the light fixture a bit better. Again you don`t get a feel of the scale but this fixture is quite big, which I think the large space needed. It is a more feminine detail but still in keeping with the silver metal theme. I know you can`t  see that well but the fixture is made of rows of coiled metal ribbons which catch the light beautifully.


Another area I incorporated some natural material was in this towel rack , I liked how it  mixed  wood with the stainless steel of the frame making it the perfect addition. I use this to keep extra toilet paper and towels as well as some decorations on top like those little pots of succulents.  I am not happy yet with how this top rack looks, I just feel like with some more interesting pieces up there it could really stand out.




15 thoughts on “Bathroom Tour

  1. Your bathroom is so cute! Especially with the little plant pots ❤
    I recently had my own bathroom redone too, and I have exactly the same shower overhead thing too LOL I love it though compared to the traditional shower heads.

  2. I really love the marble tiles, they add a chic, expensive feel to the overall design. Also that vanity is amazing, good job DIYing it yourself! The room looks amazing, I hope you’re happy with how it turned out.

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