Nothing to wear LookBook Fall Edition

We all have those days when even though our closets are full “we have nothing to wear”, or when nothing we try on looks good. So for those days I keep a couple of outfits on hold that  I know work and look good on me. In this post I wanted to share a couple of them and walk you through how to customize them to both work with your style as well as your body shape. Hope these looks and tips will encourage you too , to develop your own “nothing to wear ” backup looks. Enjoy!!

8 am. classnothing-to-wear

This first look is the most casual of them all , it`s something I would wear to class or if I had to run some errand. I think jeans and a T-shirt is always a good backup plan, for me I recently discovered that mom jeans can actually be quite flattering but I do recommend going for a pair of jeans that works best for your body. For the top, I thing going for a guys T can be really cool. I always love scouring the H&M men`s section for classic style T-shirts (like this Henley ) and picking up a S or XS , that way it looks a bit baggy but it isn`t too oversized. Keeping in the same style I always love a masculine cut coat, and lucky for me they are so in right now.

bag boots coattop jeans

When in doubt go for black (and navy)

I think that a good rule of thumb if you don`t know how dressy an event will be or if you have to go from day to night is going for an all black outfit. Still I am a bit bored by all black so I like playing with textures and even adding some midnight blue in their to elevate the whole look. If you aren`t the biggest fan of leather pants just go for a pair of black jeans or trousers.  If you need this outfit to go from day to night , for the daytime keep the shirt untucked and loose maybe have a bigger work bag and in the evening tuck your shirt in the front , get your velvet evening bag from your big day bag, add a dark bold lip and hit the town.

shirt bagpantscoat boots necklace

Professional or Cool


A good knit dress is a must for me in the fall. They can be so versatile and for this last look I couldn`t help myself from showing you two very different option for this gorgeous white knit dress.Starting on the left a more mature, businessy look   with the most beautiful fall color palette . And on the right a great way to wear this outfit if you are a bit younger with an edge.

camel coatwhite bag knee length bootsdressleather jacketblack bag ankle boots

What are some of your go to outfits this fall?

12 thoughts on “Nothing to wear LookBook Fall Edition

  1. OMG this is such a genius idea! I always struggle with what to wear on a day to day basis but i have so many clothes. I’ll definitely have to come up with back up outfit ideas, i never thought of doing that!

  2. I find men’s t-shirts don’t work so well if you are busty because the high neck makes you look out of proportion which is a bit annoying because they are often much cooler than women’s ones. I am currently living in jeans, funky sweatshirts and trainers because I need to be comfortable and able to get ready quickly as I have a baby and he isn’t very patient. Lol!

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