Health Food Store Haul (Plant Based )

Such a random post I know , but I actually love reading about what other people buy at the grocery store especially if it involves some healthy bits. If you are interested in this sort of stuff I hope you enjoy this post, if not , I get it and don`t worry I will be back to the regular beauty&style in the next one.


Solgar Gentle Iron Supplement I don`t really take supplements , except for B12 which is a must for someone who eats a plant based diet. But lately I have noticed my hair falling a bit more than usual. Knowing that my sisters have had problems with low iron levels and one of their symptoms was hair loss, I decided to give it a try as well. I also really recommend this brand, I take their B12, all their vitamins are marked if they are vegan or vegetarian which does make it easy and they are really great quality.


Probiotic Supplement Another supplement I have decided to try is a probiotic. Again if you are interested in improving your health especially if you have struggled with an eating disorder or if you used to eat a loot of processed foods, I urged you to look into the benefits of probiotics.


Tea Tree Oil Since doing my Beauty Tips From Around the World post, I have been putting a few drops of tea tree oil in my shampoo which emptied my stash. I also like using this stuff for breakouts so I picked up some more.


Mayam AHA Fruit Acids This particular website also sold skincare ingredients and if you have read my Skincare Routine you know my love for the Mario Badescu Glycolic Acid Toner. I really like the impact AHA`s have on my skin and that is the only acid toner I found here in Romania but it has quite a low concentration. So when I found this I knew I wanted o try making some treatments at home.


Pukka Golden Turmeric Tea Another purchase inspired by my Beauty Tips From Around the World post. In that post I talked about using turmeric paste on your skin but I also read a loot about the benefits of incorporating it in your diet.


Pink Himalayan Salt I saw in one of Lydia Elsie Millen`s   videos , that she adds some Himalayan salt into her morning warm lemon water so I wanted to give it a try too.Apparently it helps detoxify the body and balance PH levels, it provides minerals and improves hydration as well as it helps balance your blood sugar levels . Sign me up!


Nutritional Yeast I have been seeing nutritional yeast in so many vegan recipes but so far I hadn`t been able to find it, that is why I went for three bags of this stuff. Apart from all the health benefits (great source of protein, folic acid, b-complex vitamins etc) when used in recipes it apparently give a nice cheesy flavour. If that is true I will be putting this on everything. Can`t wait!!!!


Vegan Bars and Snacks And lastly they had a good selection of bars and snacks that are vegan. I love keeping these in my bag for when I need a pick me up between classes.

8 thoughts on “Health Food Store Haul (Plant Based )

  1. I really liked that you did this post. Hope you do more in the future! I love nakd bars and nutritional yeast is something I put in everything. Really enjoyed reading this post❤️

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