Bedroom Design Inspiration

If you have visited my blog in the past few months you have heard me go on and on about the new house we just built. It was a huge project and I did a couple posts about it. Firstly I did a similar inspiration post for my bathroom and recently I did a tour of the finished product. If you are interested in those I will link them here and here. Today I will be walking you through my design ideas for my new bedroom. I am going for a mid-century modern look with some lux and feminine touches, sounds confusing? let`s walk through it so I can better explain my vision.


Starting off with the bed area , I am loving this shade of navy/emerald blue and even tough it looks quite dark my room has a huge window with a loot of light so I think it can handle one wall in this shade. I plan on painting the wall which has my bed this statement color and leaving the rest white. I knew from the get go I wanted a grey upholstered bed, in a linen fabric not leather. Above the bed I really want these fashion sketches which I found in a local store. I think they will add that feminine touch I want, without going too far. The bedside table will be an ode to mid-century modern design, kind off wird looking but I love it. The color scheme I want to add with my accessories is dark emerald blue &green as well as some subtle gold.


I will also have a nice reading/ relaxing corner with this huge chair I found at IKEA . I just tought the color was spot on and it is also really comfy. Next to the chair I wanted a little side table , and I really love these almost drum shaped metal ones.


The wardrobe was probably the biggest head ache for me. I just don’t like the look of them, but since I didn`t  have a built-in I had to find something. I saw these Ikea PAX doors and I fell in love. They are an almost satin finish black, very modern and look so much more expensive than they were. The room is quite vast so I really want a nice big braided rug. It will be a huge investment so it will have to come later on.


I definitely wanted a full length mirror, I really love those intricate almost baroque style mirrors but I knew that style wouldn`t go with my mid-century modern room so I had to really search for something with the same impact but with a more modern twist. What I loved about this one was the interesting shape, subtle but effective and that the gold edge goes with the rest of the room. On the same wall I position my mirror I want to do a mix matched gallery wall , another long-term project since I want to gather different shapes and styles of frames and other decorations.

I would really love your input on the ideas and design , please feel free to tell me in a comment what you like what you don`t some ideas on what you would do differently. I really want to get this right. Thanks!!!!

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