November Favorites

December is almost here, bring on the Christmas music and the mulled wine, but  first let`s go through the star products of November , Enjoy!!!!!



After a mild September and October, November came in with a vengeance and my skin really suffered from the sudden cold. So the running theme for my November beauty favorites is moisture.

Starting off with some skin care, I have always suffered with chapped lips, no mater what super expensive product I tried. But one product that kept coming up when researching treatments was the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream, a cult product for a loot of people. I must say it`s not as enjoyable, at first as a raspberry scented lip balm, but you do get used to the scent and texture and I have to say I did see quit a difference in my lips. My second skin care favorite is the Glam Glow ThristyMud Masque, struggling with dry dehydrated skin all year round, whenever the cold comes in my skin really suffers, so I do need all the moisture possible. I have been using this masque about twice a week and it did help in stabilizing my skin.

For my makeup favs firstly,  MAC Fix+, I have really relied on this product to give my super dry skin a bit of a dewyer finish , more than that when my skin was super dry and no foundation, no matter how hydrating, wasn`t sitting right on my skin this was my saviour. Next I have also been doing a darker lip and my go to product for that has been the Rimmel London Lip Pencil in the shade Black Tulip. A really nice shade that is almost a dupe for MAC Rebel if you go fully opaque with it.



Whenever the cold weather comes back so does my love for hot chocolate, and this fall I discovered the Whittard Luxury Hot Chocolate Mix, it doesn`t have any dairy in it so I can actually have it and it`s super delicious.

For a bit of a random favorite , I wanted to include my vitamin B12 supplement, since I eat a plant-based diet, vitamin B12 is a must, but during the summer I have to admit I skipped it quit a loot. When fall came around especially back in october I really felt my energy levels drop. A week or so after I went back to taking it every day I saw a huge difference. I really like this one by Solgar.



Style wise I have to admit this month I kept it super simple. My one discovery that I have been wearing to death are these mom jeans from Zara. I used to think mom jeans were the least flattering jeans in the world (although I had never tried on a pair). Because of the cold weather I was looking for some comfy jeans that were a bit warmer. This particular pair is nice a thick, like those OG 90`s jeans so definitely not getting cold in them, they are also nice and comfy and can be quite cool if styled the right way. I like rolling up the bottoms and wearing them with some Chelsea boots and a simple fitted top or sweater.

Since I have been wearing a loot of basics I have really been loving my Gold Fossil watch, it just adds a bit of glam and makes me look like I put a bit more thought into my outfits.



November has been a really great month for Tv shows ,I actually have 4 different favorites. My first two favorites are some old school favorites that have come back this month , I am talking about Gilmore Girls and The Grand Tour (Top Gear). Since I already rambled too much in this post I will direct you to my November MoodBoard where I talked about them already. My third favorite is also produced by Netflix (all mighty Netflix thank you so much for all you have given us ) it`s called The Crown and it follows the life of Queen Elizabeth II (if you do end up liking it you might also like Victoria this one is made by the BBC). Last but not least this month a new Project Runway spin-off premiered, it`s called Project Runway Fashion Startup and it’s basically a fashion/beauty take on Shark tank .

Well that was a long one, sorry,  if you have done a favorites post leave me a link and I am sure to check it out and give it a like, I always enjoy reading these type of posts. I`ll see you again on Wednesday with a new beauty post!

5 thoughts on “November Favorites

  1. Omg I’m loving so many things about this post! First of all I love Elizabeth Arden, I have been a fan of this brand for years! (My mom always raved about it) haha so I wear it all the time, but I want to try the Glam Glow Masque, it sounds really good 🙂 Also Im already dying to try that hot chocolate!! I am sucker for sweets so Im adding this to my list. And lastly I am a HUGE Gilmore Girls fan and I love meeting other people that love them too ❤ Im really glad I came across your blog!! Loveliest post ever!
    –Erika xo

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