My Take On The “No Makeup” Makeup Look

Lately I have really been loving a natural makeup look, it`s been what I have been wearing to class, for running errands or if I am going to do a bit of work at a coffee shop. The products I am sharing today are the ones that work for me but you can take the general outline of the product and use one similar that you already own.



For my base I start with a creamy liquid concealer, my go to is the Maybelline Afinitone. I dot this around where I need a bit of coverage or to even out my skin tone and blend it in using a Beauty Blender or just my fingers. Optional is a higher coverage concealer if you have any spots or discoloration that can`t be covered by your creamy concealer, the one I swear by is the Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer, amazing coverage and also really good staying power. Another optional step but one I still really enjoy is a cream bronzer/contour , it adds a bit of warmth and dimension to my currently very pale face.



My one tip for looking put together with minimal effort is doing your eyebrows. I personally have really full brows already so I mostly need a gel to shape them and keep them in place, I like using this Essence Make Me Brow gel because it has a bit of tint as well so they look a bit more even. For the eyes I just use a bit of mascara, if you don`t want to look like you are wearing too much makeup go for a more natural lengthening mascara, personally I always love big lashes so I go for a volumizing formula instead (my favorite is the Maybelline Falsies).



For lips I like to keep it natural with a bit of balm especially now that it has gotten so cold here in Bucharest. My latest discovery is the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream, probably the best lip treatment I have tried and it actually gives a nice glossy look to the lips. You can also add a bit of tint with a nude lip liner or just go in with your favorite tinted lip balm.

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