December MoodBoard Blogmas Day 1

It`s the most wonderful time of the year, yeah you guessed it I am one of those annoying people who gets a bit carried away with all the Christmas celebrations. So naturally the beginning of December is quite an exciting time for me. This month will definitely be a busy one for me with uni exams, all type of holiday time activities and a whole lot of blogging!!!!!!!


I have been very good with blogging consistently lately but this will definitely be a challenge for me. I did kind of attempt Blogmas last year, I tried blogging every other day and I don`t think I made it past Dec. 15th, so I don`t have the best record but this year I am more determined than ever.  I don`t know what I am thinking but I am planning on posting daily until the 25 th this month so I guess stay tuned and we will see how long I last this year!!!!

Style wise this month you will find me bundled up in lots of layers. Color wise I have been keeping it very neutral lately but maybe this month I will incorporate some festive pops of red. I am also really enjoying my cosy loungewear, and there honestly are no better PJ`s than christmas PJ`s. As for makeup my go to holiday look is a red lip and big lashes, honestly I wear red lipstick almost every day in December. dec-moodboard2

Words can`t really explain how excited I am to decorate the new house for Christmas. I always love a wreath with a big red bow, for the tree I am thinking a red/gold theme with a lot of wood and natural material decorations, even the banister will get a nice garland. If you want to see me roast some marshmallows in the fireplace and get a sneak peek of how I am decorating just follow me on my snapchat ( name is : stylebreakdown ).dec-moodboard3

Tis` the season when YouTube gets inundated with Vlogmases and I am definitely not mad about it.dec-moodboard4

And no holiday season is compleat without a christmas music all day every day.

Well those are some of the things I am looking forward to in December, I wold also love to know what you guys are excited for as well so leave me a comment or you could do your own December MoodBoard and leave me a link!!! I guess I will see you again tomorrow with another Blogmas post!

4 thoughts on “December MoodBoard Blogmas Day 1

  1. I’ll be coming to your blog for my home decore for Christmas!!!😂😂😂 I know it’s crazy but I am a mess when it’s Christmas decoration time…congratulations on your new home am a December lover too coz of gifts😍

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