Holiday Season Bucket List Blogmas Day 2

Holidays are a time most of us look forward to most of the year, but it can also be a very busy and stressful time. So I want to use this post as a reminder to myself and even some of you, to take a breather from the chaos that can be our lives and remember to also enjoy this run up to the holidays and all that it has to offer. I have made up a little list of the Christmasy things I want to tick off in the next few weeks and hopefully this inspires some of you as well. 

Donate to a children’s charity


More than anything, the holidays should be a time of giving , and not just to our loved ones but also to those less fortuned. I am huge believer in giving back , be it by volunteering your time or making a physical donation. I always see those donation baskets in front of supermarkets and it`s one of the easiest ways to give back , I like to pick up some toys and even some clothes.

Listen to some carols


I used to love going caroling around Christmas time when I was younger and even now I really love listening to Christmas music as soon as December hits. But there is nothing better than live carols , in the city there are a bunch of Christmas concerts and around the old town you can always find groups of carolers singing.

The Victoria`s Secret Fashion Show
Models walk the runway at the 2014 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in London on December 2nd, 2014

Controversial for a loot of people I personally love watching the fashion show every year, and it`s actually one of my favorite traditions that really make me feel like Christmas is approaching. I honestly don`t know what about a bunch of incredibly gorgeous women walking around in lingerie makes me feel Christmasy but it does.

Christmas Markets

Christmas markets are a new discovery for me , honestly there isn`t that much to do other than drink muled wine and walk around but I am so looking forward to this year.

Rocking that Christmas Sweater



Obviously what is December without a Christmas sweater.

Walking around the city at night

There is nothing better than seeing the city lit up by Christmas lights, so I love walking around in the evenings , maybe with a hot chocolate in hand and taking in the magic of it all.

What do you love doing in the run up to the holidays to get into the spirit , I wold love some more ideas. I will see you again tomorrow for Day 3 of Blogmas !!!!

5 thoughts on “Holiday Season Bucket List Blogmas Day 2

  1. I love your ideas! I’m definitely whipping out my Christmas sweater and might need to grab my mom’s sweater she bought years before I was born (bc vintage!!). And walking through the town at night is always so magical! Starbucks also just came out with Snickerdoodle hot chocolate which I MUST try! What’s your favorite holiday beverage?

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