White Elephant Gift Ideas Under 25$ Blogmas Day 3

With the beginning of the holiday season comes the first present dilemmas. Buying a present anyone would like , no mater age, gender or interest,  isn`t an easy task . In this post I pulled together some of my go to presents for a white elephant gift exchange or even if you don`t really know the interests of someone and are out of ideas.


Bonsai Tree Kit 16$ Quite a random one, but I find that random gifts  are usually the biggest hits at gift exchanges and also great conversation starters.


Marble Portable Charger 24$ if you are leaning towards a more practical gift, a portable charger is a fail safe choice. If you find one with a beautiful design it will definitely be a hit.


Star Wars Mugs 24$ a good fun gift is a cool mug and this year with the Star Wars craze , I think a Star Wars mug would be a fought over gift in any group.


Coloring Books 18-24$ I have really come to enjoy adult coloring books and even though this might not be the greatest gift for a man,but in a white elephant there will always be someone who would enjoy and really use it.


Mini Waffle Maker 18$ again quite random but honestly who wouldn`t want a mini waffle maker?


Miscellaneous Books (from left to right 1 2 3) I always like to pick up fun/interesting coffee table type books since they make great last minute or emergency presents.

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