My Favorite Vlogmases 2016 Blogmas Day 7

We are a week into December and I don`t know about you but my YouTube inbox is full of Vlogmass videos (not at all complaining). If you are a YouTube watcher, than you are probably aware of the Vlogmas phenomena, if not the gist of it is that people vlog every day until Christmas Eve. It probably is the one thing that makes me feel most Christmasy, because let me tell you there are some people who take holiday time to the next level.For some reason I ended up with a list of only female lifestyle/beauty vloggers mostly british so sorry about that.

1 Niomi Smart


I only recently started watching Niomi`s channel but it has quickly become one of my favorites. What I have enjoyed about her vlogmas videos is that they are festive but not overly so. She is also plant-based and loves cooking (she even has a recipe book out) so I love getting inspiration from everything she cooks.

2 FleurDeVlog


I always enjoy Fleur’s vlogs and Vlogmas is no exception . She has such a great energy, plus her 3 dogs and 2 cats make regular appearances so that`s always a plus in my book.

3 Claudia Sulewski


Now for the token american vlogger, no I didn`t just include her because I needed an american to spice things up, but because every time I watch one of her vlogs I leave feeling super inspired to be productive and get s**t done.

4 Tanya Burr


If you haven`t gotten into the Christmas spirit yet , just watch one of Tanya`s vlogmases and it will definitely do the trick. I mean she started the first of December by taking a class in making amazing/fancy wreaths.

5 Lydia Elise Millen


I`ve been watching Lydia for only a couple of months and I love her style but I was also pleasantly surprised by her vlogs. If you are a blogger/vlogger her life will probably be your dream, I know it is mine. She does so many cool , amazing things in beauty and fashion it is hard not to get inspired as well as motivated.

Not that I need any more videos to watch but I would love to hear what your favorite people doing vlogmas this year are, let me know!


5 thoughts on “My Favorite Vlogmases 2016 Blogmas Day 7

  1. I love vlogmas videos!! I watch Tanya Burr everyday lol and I also love watching Samantha Maria’s vlogmas! Sarah Therese has her youngmamavlogs channel which is awesome! I can’t wait to watch some of the ones you suggested too, I love watching YouTube videos! I’m so glad you wrote this post!!

  2. My favorites are Maddi Bragg who lives with Claudia actually in LA! Maddi is awesome so young and accomplished. I love British vloggers too- two of my favorites are Rosie Bea and Covet Thee. I also love Marissa Lace here in the US and The Fashion Citizen are all my favorites! Hope you enjoy some of them!

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