The Christmas Tag Blogmas Day 8

You can`t do Blogmas without doing a Christmas Tag, so here it is mine! 

1 What is your favorite Christmas movie?



It`s not really a Christmas movie but every holiday season I watch all the Harry Potter movies.

2 Have you ever had a white Christmas?

Loads but when I was younger , it has probably been 7 years or more without snow on Christmas, and I sure miss it. If you live somewhere where you get snow around Christmas time don`t take it for granted.

3 Where do you usually spend the Holidays?

Every year we spend the holidays at my parents house outside the city.

4 What is your favorite Christmas song?

Love them all!

5 Do you open any presents on Christmas Eve?

Nope , but this year I plan on buying everyone a set of Christmas pj`s wrap them up and give them on Christmas Eve.

6 Can you name all of Santa`s reindeer?

Nope, I won`t even attempt it.

7 What holiday traditions are you most looking  forward to this year?


Where I live the kids still go caroling on Christmas Eve so that is probably the best tradition.

8 Is your Christmas tree real or fake?

Always real.

9 What is your all time favorite holiday food/sweet treat?


There are so many, Romanians go all out with food around the holidays. My favorites are sarmale which are not vegan but I do plan on veganizing them so hopefully they turn out good so I can still enjoy them. With the sarmale we usually have something called turta which happily is vegan and super delicious !!!!!!!

10 What is the best Christmas gift you have ever received?


Definitely a Barbie house I got when I was about 8.

11  What is your dream place to visit during the holiday season?


New York!!!!!!!!!!

12 Are you a pro wrapper or do you fail miserably ?

I think I`m somewhere in between, I love wrapping and love to experiment with it but I think I could get a bit better yet.

13 Most memorable Holiday moment?

Not really sure but I think going caroling in the snow when I was younger. We would go with friends (no parents allowed ) from house to house for as long as we could last in the cold.

14 What made you realize the truth about Santa?

I actually can`t remember how I found out, sorry.

15 Do you make New Year Resolutions ? Do you stick to them?

I do make New Years resolutions and no I usually don`t stick to them.

16 What makes the Holidays special for you?

I think the holiday spirit makes everyone happier and I generally love the lead up to Christmas, the city lit up, buying presents, decorating the house etc..

Can we take a moment to acknowledge that I have made it a week into Blogmas!!!! Yeah take that stomach flu! If you too are attempting Blogmas this year leave me a link and I will love to check out your blogs.

My Christmas Tag questions were taken from Taylor Franchetti`s blog post which I will link here, check hers out too!

7 thoughts on “The Christmas Tag Blogmas Day 8

  1. I love that the kids in your area still go caroling! I honestly have never seen carolers go around caroling for the sake of keeping the tradition.
    Understandable why you watch the HP movies during the holidays! They kind of makes you feel like a kid again, don’t they?
    Sarmale looks delicious! What is typically in it?

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