Bunch of Random Stuff Haul (skincare, accessories, fashion) Blogmas Day 9

I know it`s December and I should be buying presents , but with all the great stuff in stores right now I couldn`t help myself and I picked up a few things for myself as well. Enjoy!


Starting off with two skincare bits, firstly this Douglas hand cream, which I picked up randomly but turned out to be amazingly good. I know this is a company only found in Europe so sorry for those of you who can`t get it but if you do live here I would totally recommend this. It smells really nice , very spa like and fresh and it absorbs quicker than any other hand cream I have tried before. Plus if it helped my extremely dry skin than it will work on anyone.

Next I couldn`t help myself while in Sephora from purchasing something for myself. I have been wanting to try some Clarins skincare items for a while and when I saw this gift set I thought it was the perfect opportunity to do it.  (link)


I somehow convinced myself that I needed a new pair of new ankle boots for this winter (p.s. I didn`t). So when I saw these beauties from H&M I had to have them, plus they were super affordable. Sorry but I couldn`t find them on the website anymore.


Next in the accessories department is this faux fur snood from Reserved (European company again sorry). I was surprised by the quality and softness for the price , the color is also nice and muted , a light taupey nude.(link)


The first top I got is a vintage, traditional Romanian top called Ie. I love wearing these tops with jeans or shorts in the summer.


For a more accessible item I am always on the look out for nice knitwear, and I really liked the V neck on this one. V necks are very flattering especially on my shape, I have also worn it with a white lacy camy underneath and opened the wrap even more, it looked really nice.(link)


I`ve known I wanted a new winter coat for a while but I took my time with finding the right one. This one is from Zara , the quality is pretty good, I love the camel color , it breaks up all the black I usually wear this time of the year, and I feel it is a classic enough cut that I will get my wear out of it.  (link)

Hope you enjoyed this haul, and don`t worry we will be back to our regular scheduled festive posts tomorrow.

13 thoughts on “Bunch of Random Stuff Haul (skincare, accessories, fashion) Blogmas Day 9

  1. Lovely haul! I especially love the H&M boots and your camel coat. Also, that red lipstick you are wearing in the photos is absolutely beautiful! It suits you wonderfully. 🙂

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