Gift Guide for Him Blogmas Day 10

Buying presents for guys be they friends , boyfriend, dads or brothers can be quite tricky. But if you are completely stumped as to what to get , in this post I put together a few fail proof gift ideas. Enjoy!

Under 50$


1 This type of baseball caps are a huge trend right now, so if you are buying for a guy who already likes this style or is into trends, than you can`t go wrong. (price 29$ link)

2 If you are going for practicality , a wallet is always a great option. Just remember that guys keep their wallets in their pockets so keep them small and practical. I personally really like these Herschel byfold ones.(price 25$ link)

3  Style wise guys never have enough T-shirts so if you manage to find a cool graphic T go for it.  (price 28$ link)

4  Let`s be honest no matter their age guys still love their toys so a cool gadget/toy will keep them entertained for days around the holidays. I think this hand held Pac Man  would be the perfect gift. (price 26$ link)

5 For someone with a more artistic side I really like this set of camera phone lenses to take that Instagram game to the next level. (price 26$ link )


Guys can be clueless when it comes to style so sometimes we need to help out a bit. A really nice sweater would be a great gift. You can go for something stylish that you think would look great but try and keep it classic so he is not too intimidated and will actually wear it. I mean those guys in the magazines do look great in the tight camel turtle neck but I don`t know many guys who would actually wear those in real life.  I put together three different options that I liked, but keep in mind who you are buying for and how stylish or basic you need to go. From left to right White cardigan price 188$ link Black half-zip price 70$ link Grey cowl neck price 80$ link


I am really excited about this particular present since it combines my favorite bord game with one of my favorite TV shows, and I am sure I am not the only one. Plus I always love getting gifts that offer the opportunity to play or share in an experience days after Christmas. (price 60$ link)



Another really cool gadget is a smart watch/ fitness bracelet. If you are buying for a guy who likes to keep active , he will definitely love this present. (price 200$ link)


Who doesn`t like a nice smelling guy so what better opportunity to chose how you want him to smell than at Christmas. You can go directly for a bottle of cologne or get him a set like this one with a variety of scents. (price 54$ link)


Guys don`t usually care about fashion but there are a loot of them who really like shoes. So if you know what “in shoe” he really wants a the moment be it a pair of classic Timeberalnds for the winter or the new cool sneaker you are guaranteed to have a hit on your hands. (price 190$ link)

7 thoughts on “Gift Guide for Him Blogmas Day 10

  1. I really like the Monopoly it’s literally SO cool!! and a nice perfume is always a good idea, thanks for sharing your list with us! greetings

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