My Blogging Routine Blogmas Day 15

I have been struggling with consistency on my blog, well ever since I started it basically, but for the past two or three months I have been really good with keeping to a schedule and I tought I would share the routine that helped me keep on track. 

As a bit of background I am in my last year of university, so when I am not in class I am either studying or working on projects and then I work on my blog. I usually post three times a week but this month I have been doing it daily. So for any of you who have a busy schedule and struggle with keeping up with your blog what really helped me is getting down a routine.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

First of all I always keep with me a little ideas notepad that way if I ever get an ideas for a post I can quickly jot it down (you can also do this on your phone but as you will see throughout this post I am old-school and like using pen and paper). I also try to sit down once a week and brainstorm post ideas as well.

Monday mornings are my planning days, I have made this print out to organize my posts . I like working a week at a time that way I am not working on too  many things at a time. I also find that getting to tick off things on the list helps motivate me.

My work load differs depending on the week so I usually like to be at least a week ahead with posts, that way if I have a crazy hectic and busy week I still have posts going up. I know it sound obvious but the best advice I can give you for keeping consistent on your blog is scheduling ahead your posts. If I am getting low on pre-scheduled posts I will sacrifice a weekend and just stay in and work on the blog , or on the weeks that I have more free time I will work as much as I can to get ahead.


Once I have my posts for the week down in my planner, if you look in my schedule print out in the boxes, that is the order I like to work in. Firstly I shoot the photos that I need for the posts or I gather them online depending on the post.For shooting I like to do it all at once, so for every post I have just scheduled I will shoot all the photos at once. I do this because shoots do get very messy, also it takes a while to set up lighting and a background so shooting a few posts at once is more productivee51bdc09329bb71a51e12c066f3b70f226db9d83I then move on to editing the photos I work on a PC so I do my editing in a program called Picasa, I have tried Photoshop but I still find it very complicated and everything takes me at least double the time to edit, but one day I will conquer it.

Next I like to type out my text, do all the admin like adding links, category, tags, schedule tweet and before I actually schedule the date and time I want the post going up I will do a last read through to check everything looks go.


Every night I try to write down in my daily planner what I want to get done the next day. Some days I manage to get through my to do list other days I don`t , but I have learnt not to beat myself up if I don`t finish or if I miss a post. I remind myself this is a hobby that I enjoy doing and if it ever gets more stressful than fun I like taking a step back.

That is an overview of my routine for blogging , if you have any other questions for me , like what camera I use or how I edit the photos etc. leave me a comment and I will either answer them there or I also want to do another posts with all your questions next week. Thanks so much and I will talk to you again tomorrow!!!!

22 thoughts on “My Blogging Routine Blogmas Day 15

  1. Wow! I am really glad you liked my latest post so I could come over here and see this! These are some seriously good habits. I have my dry spells sometimes too, and I have to say, I am seriously impressed at your organizational habits and commitment!! Absolutely loved this post and it helped me stay motivated, for sure.

    Thanks again for reading my latest post and visiting my blog, and I will certainly be following you from now on! 🙂

  2. How to use picasa to edit photos…i have find it difficult just by looking at it…so if u could help me in would be good.

  3. This was super helpful! I have gotten better too with my blogging schedule because of a weekly things-to-do paper thing and just writing a few ideas down at a time. Normally, I will write some ideas/blog titles for a month, and decide which few shall go forward. 🙂

    I’ve learned to be a week ahead and it’s actually so much more comforting!

  4. This was so helpful! I’m in my last year of secondary school so I am going to be studying for my GCSEs soon so this xmas holidays I will definitely be writing up some blog posts to save for those weeks I am too busy!! I’m also the same with the traditional pen and paper thing! xox

  5. As a new blogger, this was very helpful! I recently discovered that you can schedule posts (yes i’m that much of a newbie!) and what a big help that is! thanks for posting xoxo

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