Nothing To Wear Look Book Winter Edition Blogmas Day 17

Hey guys, todays post is my second installment of my Nothing To Wear Series. We all have those days when even though our closets are full “we have nothing to wear”, or when nothing we try on looks good. So for those days I keep a couple of outfits on hold that  I know work and look good on me. In this post I wanted to share a couple of them and walk you through how to customize them to both work with your style as well as your body shape. Hope these looks and tips will encourage you too , to develop your own “nothing to wear ” backup looks. Enjoy!!

My advice when creating your own outfits, it to keep it simple and flattering. I know these three outfits I am showing you are not the most fashion forward, but what they are is outfits I know look good and work and I can just throw them on without over thinking. P.S. sorry for all the black in this post.


Let`s be honest there is nothing else we want to wear more this time of year than leggings, so this first outfit is built around them. If I do wear leggings I always wear something longer to cover everything that needs covering and lately I have really been loving oversize V-neck cardigans like this one. I like wearing them with a cami underneath but keeping them done up. I chose a navy cami since I love pairing black and navy but you can make it monochrome with a black one maybe with a bit of lace at the top. I feel like this is a really great outfit for those days when you are not feeling your best, maybe you’re a little bloated and don`t want to wear something tight. I would wear this to class with a beanie but if you want to wear it to work just add some jewelery and maybe a heeled boot and presto so versatile.

Cami | Necklace | Boots | Leggings | Cardigan | Beanie | Bag


Honestly this exact outfit has been my go-to lately. I love this Zara coat and my favorite way to wear it right now is, with a very sleek all black outfit underneath. Wearing a turtleneck sweater with it looks so put together and like you tried so much harder than you actually  did. I will admit that without the coat the outfits does get a bit more boring but if your pieces underneath are nice quality and most importantly a great fit you will still look like a Parisian model off duty. The trick I like doing with this outfit is paring a nice small cross body bag with it, that way the masculine cut coat gets a bit more flattering.

Ankle Boots | Bag | Coat | Jeans | Turtleneck 


Over the knee boots have been a trend for  a couple seasons now and still going strong. So I had to include them in my third outfit which can be taken from day to night. I really like the look of a mini skirt with an oversize sweater pair that with some over the knee boots and you are ready to go. For the evening just add your furry shawl over the sweater and a red lip.

Bag | Boots | Coat | Sweater | Skirt | Shawl 

14 thoughts on “Nothing To Wear Look Book Winter Edition Blogmas Day 17

  1. Thanks for the inspo! I find it hard to be motivated to look cute in cold weather, but I’m glad you shared these ideas. What is your favorite kind of boot? I love ankle booties, but over-the-knee boots seem to be the new trend!

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